Introducing i9. The most comprehensive and functional template system ever created.

  • 13000+ Slides. 22 templates.
  • Dark and light versions of each
  • Custom gradient bitmaps – JPEGs and Photoshop file so you can make your own
  • Illustrator file containing 250+ custom icons created exclusively for this template system.

Ideal for business or creative presentations

  • Each template is over 550 slides, with dark and light versions
  • 2 Aspect Ratios (4:3 & 16:9)
  • PPTX and PPT Files
  • 34 Theme files (.THMX)
  • Each slide, proven to work in real-world presentations, designed by an award-winning, NYC-based creative director and presentations guru

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Comprehensive categories of slides, including:

  • Divider Slides
  • Pictoral Slides
  • Infographic Slides
  • Photo Layouts (including custom gradient bitmaps)
  • Gradient bitmaps included
  • Process Slides
  • Cycle Slides
  • Structure Slides
  • Cluster Slides
  • Radiate Slides
  • Team Slides
  • Influence Layouts
  • Maps Slides
  • Charts Slides
  • Text/Table Slides
  • Data/Distribution Slides
  • Device Slides


  • Innovative use of smart art
  • Highly-useful, pixel-accurate master slides
  • Tons of infographics and useful graphic elements
  • Intelligent and eye-catching animations
  • Easily editable
  • Quickly customizable, using easily recolored vector art throughout
  • Custom gradient photos included as part of the design
  • Photoshop file to create your own custom gradient photos
  • Custom icons included in the file
  • Hundreds of unique layouts
  • 4×3 and 16×9 aspect ratios
  • Business model designs
  • Data driven charts and diagrams
  • Flowcharts and mindmaps
  • Process diagrams
  • Matrix diagrams
  • Stage and process designs
  • Tree diagrams
  • Puzzle diagrams
  • Interactive and easily edited maps
  • Opening, closing and divider slides
  • All easy to edit.
  • Custom hyperlinks and icons for social media integration

Links to custom fonts included in download.

Custom gradient images included in download.

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About the author:

I am an award-winning NYC-based creative director, and I work at one of the largest (and most famous) ad agencies in the world. My clients include more than half of the fortune 500. So the i9 template system isn’t just a bunch of pretty slides. These are slides that have worked in winning, real-world presentations, and have won or sold untold Billions of dollars in the marketplace. Put the i9 template to work for you.

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