Local SEO Rank Track for Google is a system to check where you rank for a specific city. Try to search “restaurant” and set Rome for city, next search “restaurant” and set Milan for the city in google Search Tool. The result are completely different. Whit this tool you can check the rank for all the city you wants.

It’s also provide a system to add and manage citation in some website. You can add all the website you wants and with a click manage all the citation for the website.

You can create more project for different website and manage independently. (not working with local carousel).

Check your ranking on google for specific city! Install in your own host and grown your small local business on Google by know where he is.


  • Create unlimited project
  • For every project you can choose search engine, CITY
  • and keyword, for local SEO
  • Manual update the ranking
  • Graph and table about the ranking
  • Create unlimited project (check more website)
  • Responsive
  • and more…


  • Curl
  • Permission to modify some option for fix some error (max_execution _time and mysql time for “gone away” error)
  • MySQL databse
  • Internet connection
  • Cron Jobs *
*Optional, for scheduled report

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