This item is a simple job/task management tool (the first one on CodeCanyon), specifically made simple and free of clutter. It can also be used for event scheduling/management. This tool can be used to show graphically the jobs/tasks on the chart with the help of calendar. The job/task is associated with a particular area/category. Each area/category is represented with different color for the ease of understanding. It is easy to customize and easy to integrate with your application. If you have a business that would benefit from prioritization or you just like to keep organized it’s the perfect little tool for you.

For User Demo: Click Here

For Admin Demo: Click Here
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pass: admin

Documentation: Documentation

What can you do with it ?

  • To manage area/category of job/task
  • To create job/task
  • To modify job/task (date, duration, information)
  • To assign area to job/task
  • To delete job/task
  • no coding skills required
  • To see the list of highlighted dates in the calendar.
  • To navigate into the calendar
  • To see number of jobs/tasks per day immediately visible on the chart
  • To see the legends for area/category.
  • easy to use interface
Compatible browsers:
  • IE8 +
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Etc.
Important notes:

I want to add some useful things to this item.

I’m working on it to have a future version with these features :

  • Update the status of job/task and put remarks from the front end
  • Addition of status details like completion percentage
  • Different management in the code (it uses some coordinates)
  • Fix bugs reported to me

It will be added for the V2, as soon as possible.

You can immediately use this within your application and it is very simple. Ask any questions or suggest features!

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