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Calls Manager is a web-based application for marketing departments or call centers.
It allows you to manage companies, group them into lists to be assigned to an operator that can see the company’s details, contact it, and more…
The application is fully responsive, then viewable from any devices.

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Main features

  • Companies management
    You can find a company and sort the results, more than fully manage it.
    You can also use the import/export with .csv and .sql files, to move easy the companies or import a ready csv from another platform.
    You can add an appointment, call, send an sms or email, or manage contact information.
  • Lists management
    Manage lists of companies to contact.
    The administrator can create lists of companies and assign it to an operator.
    Also you can group companies selecting a field (as city or category) in settings, and can assign these rather than single companies.
  • Users management
    There are two ranks: administrator and operator.
    The administrator has full control of the platform, instead the operator can use the call interface and has a limited access to calendar.
  • Appointments management
    You can manage appointments with a calendar and the appointment system integrated with the companies.
    This interface allows you to see past and future appointments.
  • Company’s details
    The operator can read company contact information with this intuitive and complete interface, that allows him to make appointments, write note, send emails and change the company state.
  • Twilio integration
    You can make a call or send an SMS directly by the application with the Twilio integration. You can make 3 types of call: connect an operator with a customer, play a text message or you can use your URL or application SID to handle a call.

Other about the platform

  • Easy installation wizard
    The installation wizard is simple and intuitive, it requires very few minutes, it is not required programming knowledge.
  • Fully responsive design
    The application is fully responsive, to use the application from any device.
  • Multilanguage
    Use the application in your language!
    If it is not already available, you can translate it.
  • Clean and simple design
    The application have simple and clean design, to use easy the platform and its features.
  • Built with ajax
    Different platform features was developed with Ajax to speed up loading and simplify management, so to improve the user-friendly.
  • Free updates
    Releasing of free updates to fix bugs and errors, or add new features.
  • Support
    If you need help, or have questions, you can contact me with the support form in the documentation, or you can use the contact form available from CodeCanyon. If you have found a bug or think miss something important feature, you can use the relevant forms in the documentation.
  • Codeigniter MVC standard
    The platform was built with Codeigniter 3.0.1, to have a reference standard and use a MVC architecture, so to simplify the maintenance and customization.

Demo preview
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Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: operator
Password: operator


Version 1.1 – 11/15/2015

  • ADDED: multilanguage and RTL support
  • ADDED: english language
  • ADDED: italian language
  • ADDED: Twilio integration (calls and smses)
  • ADDED: load companies in operators’ lists with “load more” button
  • ADDED: allow send email
  • ADDED: date and time settings: timezone and date format
  • ADDED: custom tables prefix in the database
  • ADDED: user states (online/offline) in view user
  • FIXED: issues with calendar on mobile
  • FIXED: issues with scrollbar of sidebar on mobile
  • FIXED: other little issues

Version 1.0

  • First release

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