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Orgado – Organic Food e-commerce Next js Template + Admin panel


Orgado – e-commerce React, Next js Template

Orgado is an innovative e-commerce platform tailored to the agricultural sector. that leverages popular web development technologies, including React and Next.js,TypeScript, for the client-side, and Node.js , express js and TypeScript for the backend. This template is designed to provide a robust foundation for building a website or application related to the e-commerce platform.

This is highly customizable and looks awesome on tablets and mobile devices. We have included best practice of web development and you can create great website layout based on Bootstrap or Grid 1410px.

Orgado Features Overview – client site

  • User Authentication
    1.User authentication is the process by which users are required to register and log in to access your website’s features
    2.It ensures the security of user accounts and allows for personalized experiences
    3.Users can create accounts, log in, and manage their profile information
  • Buy Product
    1.User Can Buy Product With Card
    2.User Can Take Refund
    3.User Can Cancel His/Her Orders Befor Package Product By Owner
  • Order Tracking
    1.User Can Check His Shipment Status Using His Order Id (Without Login)
    2.User Will Get Email For Shipment Status, Like, Order Process, Shipment Etc.
  • Stripe Payment Method
    1.Stripe is a popular payment gateway that allows you to securely process payments online
    2.It supports various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets
    3.Integration with Stripe enables smooth and secure transactions on your website.
  • User Profile Dashboard
    1.A user profile dashboard provides users with a centralized place to manage their account settings, order history, cart product , wishlist product and personal information.
    2.Users can view past orders, update their contact details, and Update and delete their Review Ratting and comments.
  • Rating and Review System
    1.This feature allows customers to rate and write reviews for products they have purchased.
    2.Reviews provide valuable feedback to other customers and can help in the decision-making process.
    3.Ratings and reviews can be displayed alongside product listings.
  • Advanced Product Search and Filtering
    1.Advanced search and filtering options help customers quickly find the products they are looking for.
    2.Features may include keyword search, filters by category, subcategory, and other attributes.
  • Comment System
    1.The comment system allows users to leave comments or ask questions about blogs article.
    2.It can serve as a discussion platform where customers can interact and share insights.
  • Offer Products
    1.This feature enables you to highlight and promote special offers or discounted products.
    2.Customers can easily identify and access deals and promotions on your website.
  • Best Selling Products
    1.Showcase a section for best-selling products to highlight popular items.
    2.This can help boost sales by drawing attention to products that are in high demand.
  • Top Rated Products
    1.Display a section featuring top-rated products based on customer reviews and ratings.
    2.It helps customers discover products that have received positive feedback from others.
  • Send Message to Admin
    1.Provide a contact page or form where users can send messages or inquiries to the website’s admin or customer support.
    2.This feature facilitates communication and support between users and your team
    3.Admin Will get Message though Email

Orgado Features Overview – admin pannel

  • Provides quick access to essential sales reports
    1.Today’s sales report
    2.Last 7 days report
    3.Last 30 days report
    4.Last year’s report
  • Recent Clients
    1.Displays a list of users who have made recent purchases.
    2.Helps monitor customer activity and engagement.
  • Clients Orders
    1.Admin Will Check The Order Product Status And Update It. The Client Will Get an email from Admin us with the Order Status
    2.Admin Will Get Notification If Any Order Was Cancelled By User
    3.After Verify, The Admin Will Accept The Cancelled Order And Admin Will Give Back The Money To Client
  • Cashflow
    1.Presents a chart depicting the flow of revenue over the past 30 days.
    2.ncludes product sales data with quantities and prices.
  • Best Selling Products
    1.Offers insights into the top-performing products on the platform
    2.Helps in identifying high-demand items.
  • Recent Sold Products
    1.Lists products that have been recently sold.
    2.Provides a real-time view of product popularity.
  • Pie Chart Report
    1.Analyzes and visually represents product sales data categorized by product categories.
    2.Aids in understanding the distribution of sales across different product types.
  • Recent Users
    1.Displays a list of newly registered users.
    2.Allows for monitoring user growth and engagement.
  • Product Management
    1.Provides CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for products.
    2.Admins can create, update, view, and delete product listings.
  • Orders
    1.Offers access to a client’s order history.
    2.Allows admins to view and manage orders placed by customers.
  • Blog / News Management
    1.Offers CRUD operations for blog posts.
    2.Admins can create, update, read, and delete blog articles.
  • Clients
    1.Provides a list of clients along with their order history.
    2.Allows admins to view and manage orders by client, including their names and order details.
  • User Role Management
    1.Enables admins to manage user roles.
    2.Admins can promote users to admin status or demote admins to regular users.
  • Product Category Management
    1.Offers CRUD operations for product categories and subcategories.
    2.Admins can create, update, read, and delete product categories and subcategories.
  • Offer Management
    1.Offers CRUD operations for Offer Products.
    2.Admins can create, update, read, and delete Products.

Full Features List

  • React js (v18.2.0)
  • Next JS (v13.4.6)
  • TypeScript backend
  • Node JS
  • Express JS
  • MongoDB Database
  • Mongoose
  • JSON Web Token
  • Cors Include
  • bcrypt
  • Next Image for image optimize
  • Reduxjs/toolkit
  • Based on Bootstrap 5.x
  • 100% Responsive
  • Flat, modern and clean design
  • Retina Ready
  • SEO on-page optimized
  • UX ready
  • Touch Friendly
  • Integrated google maps
  • Typography
  • W3C Validate Code
  • Fixed Menu
  • Clean and commented code
  • Valid Markup Code
  • 14+ Inner Pages
  • 19+ Total Pages
  • 3 Home Pages
  • Image background
  • Font Awesome
  • SVG Icon Used
  • 24/7 Awesome Support
  • Detailed documentation

Sources and Credits

Fonts Used

  • Jost (client)
  • Nunito (admin)

Icons Used

Image Credits

28 December 2023 & Version 1.4

Client Side

    - 1. Added: Order Tracking Page
    - 2. Updated: User Profile Page UI

Admin Pannel

    - 1. Added: Order Cancel Request Page
    - 2. Added: Dynamic Notfication For Order Cancel
    - 3. Added: Order Cancelled History Page 

25 November 2023 & Version 1.3

    - 1. Added: Review & Ratting Page In Dashboard
    - 2. Updated: Admin Dashboard and Fixed Some Bug
    - 3. Updated: Client Site Fixed Some Bug
    - 4. Updated: Installation Process Documentation (MongoDB,vercel)

28 October 2023 & Version 1.2

    - 1. Added: Online Documentation
    - 2. Updated: Installation Process Documentation

02 October 2023 & Version 1.1

Client Side

    - 1. Added: Refund Policy Form
    - 2. Added: Global Error Page
    - 3. Updated: Font

Admin Pannel

    - 1. Added: Global Error Page
    - 2. Added: Update Blog Page Field
    - 3. Updated: Update Team Page Field
    - 3. Updated: Font

Please Note:

  • All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and no included in the final purchase files.

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