What my buyers say
Bought this, and havn’t regretted it for a second. The documentation is of a quality unseen to this world. The theme itself is beyond normal wordpress limits, and give an absolute feel of proffessionalism. Last but not least, the support is godly. All in all, I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. Thank you Tom, for the best theme-experience I’ve ever had.
Gilstroem – Eagle Logistics WP Theme
A+++ for support!!! This is by far the best purchase I have made on TF! Keep up the excellent work! Easy 5 Stars!
Adamevans4, 360Complete Theme


  • Simple Drag and Drop Page Builder – put these awesome site together with ease
  • Alternate video intro block (video loaded in lightbox)
  • Unlimited Colour Schemes with a 1-click theme editor
  • See the light version created with the colour controls
  • Awesome options panel with custom logo, custom favicons, google analytics support & more!
  • Portfolio Items can link through to detailed posts with a simple on/off control in our theme options, see example.
  • Fully responsive
  • Wordpress 4.4+ Ready & 4.5+ Ready & 4.7+ Ready
  • Wordpress Post Format Support
  • Youtube & Vimeo embed support
  • Cross browser compatible – tested in IE 8,9,10; Firefox; Safari; Chrome and Opera.
  • Working Ajax Contact Form with Validation and working PHP Mailer Script
  • Extensive documentation
  • HTML Version Included
  • PSD included
  • 5 Star Rated Theme Support
  • Everything you need included

    There’s loads included in the download file;
    • Demo Data .xml file for fast theme-setup
    • Great Documentation
    • My Folio Wordpress Theme
    • My Folio HTML theme
    • Homepage .PSD included with main theme features & elements
    • .po files included for full localization support


    October 2013 – v2.0.2 – HOTFIX

    • FIXED – Page builder hot fix

    October 2013 – v2.0.1 – RETRACTED! WAIT FOR v2.0.2

    • OPTIMIZATION – Moving MF to my ebor_framework over the next few updates, big theme optimisations and code rewriting happening over the next few months.
    • UPDATED – included .po file is updated.
    • FIXED – Contact form labels have now been changed to use HTML5 placeholders, reducing a flickering issue experienced by some.
    • FIXED – Background colour on dropdown menu
    • FIXED – Videos are no longer included in galleries, this was causing playback issues.
    • FIXED – Icons no longer block clicks on certain blocks in the theme.
    September 2013 – v2.0.0
    • REMOVED – Automatic Updates
    • OPTIMIZATION – Massive CSS Overhaul, Props to Maarten De Boer
    • OPTIMIZATION – Massive JS Overhaul
    • OPTIMIZATION – Server Requests Reduced
    • ADDED – 2/3 Option to image block
    • ADDED – Animated title and subtitle to image block
    • UPDATED – Theme options, instant colour changes, general theme option overhaul
    • REMOVED – ‘none’ option from portfolio blocks, this was causing issues with load more posts.
    • FIXED – Load more button in portfolio archives
    • OPTIMIZATION / FIXED – Post excerpts now use less resources, theme options changed from characters to words.

    August 2013 – v1.1.8

    • WordPress 3.6 Compatible
    • USER REQUEST – Larger logo option added to theme options.
    • USER REQUEST – ‘Standard’ post format now has a lightbox.
    • USER REQUEST – New Window option for video block link
    • USER REQUEST – New Video block added! (Uses lightbox)
    • USER REQUEST – Add logo to preloader using the new option in the theme options.
    • BUG FIX – Improved list handling.
    • BUG FIX – Image block removed from portfolio ‘View All’
    • BUG FIX – All references to comments now removed by disabling comments.
    July 2013 – v1.1.7
    • USER REQUEST – Contact form anti-spam implementation
    • BUG FIX – Load more posts minor bug fix to ensure that links to single posts work properly
    July 2013 – v1.1.6
    • USER REQUEST – Drop Down menu system now integrated.
    • USER REQUEST – ‘X’ on images now hidden in mobile view.
    • USER REQUEST – Customisable copyright section in footer, editable in your theme options.
    • USER REQUEST – Intro gallery now has option to randomise photo entries on each page load.
    • USER REQUEST – Logo click now animates your blocks back to home, rather than forcing a page-load.
    June 2013 – v1.1.5
    • USER REQUEST – Full width image option in image block.
    • USER REQUEST – Full width gallery option in intro gallery
    • USER REQUEST – 4 column option for main site width, up to 1280px wide!
    • USER REQUEST – Full width option (3 columns) for single portfolio posts
    • Fix – Unique ID script added to portfolio blocks for easier CSS customisation
    • Fix – Blog filter list now has auto height
    June 2013 – v1.1.4
    • USER REQUEST – You can now control whether blog items load the preview, or straight through to the single page.
    • USER REQUEST – Tagline can now be used in the theme, turn it on in the theme options
    • Various fixes regarding the pre-filter blog, and the blog w/filters page-builder blocks.
    June 2013 – v1.1.3
    • USER REQUEST – Video tutorials added to documentation
    • USER REQUEST – Image page builder block can now link to custom URL
    • USER REQUEST – Social Icons can be in header, footer, or both
    • USER REQUEST – Zilla Share Support for Posts
    • USER REQUEST – New Block – Prefiltered Blog Block
    • Fixed blog block with filters to cut down excessive load times.
    June 2013 – v1.1.2
    • Bugfix – Flexslider now loads properly when loading blog posts with the load-more button
    • USER REQUEST – Ability to add search input to menu, for desktop version of site only, enabled in theme options
    • USER REQUEST – Square Image Format
    • USER REQUEST – New page-builder block, image block with optional Lightbox.
    • Bugfix – Mobile menu handling, menu can now be opened and closed with the nav button
    • Removed – the back to top button has been removed from phones, it was found to be interfering with users content.
    June 2013 – v1.1.1
    • USER REQUEST – Homepage Slider Images can now have links applied to them to send your users off to posts or pages.
    • USER REQUEST – Recent Comments Page Builder Block
    • USER REQUEST – New Blog posts block with filters, like the existing portfolio block
    • Documentation Tweaks
    • USER REQUEST – Sidebar For Blog Posts
    • USER REQUEST – Sidebar For Portfolio Posts
    • WP 3.6 tested & ready
    • USER REQUEST – Spam catch on contact form
    May 2013 – v1.1.0
    • USER REQUEST – Want more social icons? MyFolio now has support for Zilla Social which will replace the standard social icons with even more!
    • USER REQUEST – Option for Sticky Header
    • USER REQUEST – Multiple Portfolios now possible, use the new pre filtered portfolio block to add multiple portfolio blocks by portfolio category
    • USER REQUEST – Titles & Descriptions on Archives, tags & categories now have an intro block.
    • USER REQUEST – Comments now possible on portfolio single pages.
    • Various .js tweaks for better single page handling.
    May 2013 – v1.0.3
    • Contact script fixes
    • USER REQUEST – 3rd option for portfolio item links, option for full image to link to single-portfolio item
    • Fix for blog posts on homepage
    May 2013 – v1.0.2
    • Documentation Tweaks
    • Words has been changed to characters in the excerpt description, this is now correct
    • Alternate portfolio .js tweaks for better performance
    • Blog posts can now be shown individually on the homepage
    • Each icon type can now be configured on/off individually
    May 2013 – v1.0.1
    • Fixed auto-update, users of v1.0.0 should update manually
    • Added selective excerpt length in the theme options
    • Blog previews now have an auto height set to account for longer post titles
    May 2013 – Initial Release


    MF was originally designed & coded into beautiful html by PPandP The EL Page Builder is based upon the Aqua Page Builder by Aqua Graphite

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