Pivot – Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Pivot is a flat and responsive WordPress Theme with a clean and professional design which will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, blog or any other purpose website. Pivot was built with awesome Twitter Bootstrap v3 and it loads of page builder elements pages with unlimited color options. Since it is responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers. Pivot has 8 Header Types to Choose From.

Pivot – Main Features

Massive Compatibility!

Pivot is compatible with so many add-ons and plugins, and the list is constantly growing. Want to know about your favourite plugin? Just ask! Currently compatible with:

8 Header Types – Pivot has 8 different header layouts to choose from currently, check them out!

Ebor Mega Menu – Ebor Mega Menu is built straight into the theme, use all the page builder elements right there in your menu, or just use it to add richer content to your header along with columns of menus, how you use it is entirely up to you!

WooCommerce Support – Pivot supports WooCommerce, we’ve baked in beautiful styling for it, and custom goodies like a beautiful AJAX updating cart icon in the header, neat!

Custom Image Cropping – Sick of not being able to choose the crop area of your featured images? Not in Pivot, you have total control of where your featured images crop.

Ebor Template Builder – Love Aqua Page builder, but feel it’s missing some features? My custom build adds them. Markup buttons, template duplication, quick view list for templates and loads more. It’s Aqua Page Builder on steroids.

30+ Custom Page Builder Elements & Counting! – The page builder in Pivot comes packed full of features that are totally customisable, to extend that we’ve hand designed and coded another 30+ element for the page builder, just for Pivot! Full blog feeds, portfolio feeds, carousels, you name it! Best of all, each element is totally customisable, show only certain categories in a page, define background images, everything!

Parallax Background Image Sections – You can set parallax background images on a section by section basis when building your pages. Anything is possible.

Revolution Slider Included ($16 Value) – Revolution slider is included with your download, and it even integrates with the page builder! Full demo data of our demo slider is also included.

Master Slider Also Included!

Custom Logos – Pivot lets you set a custom logo, retina logo, and even a logo for the WP Login screen, all with a few clicks in our beautiful live preview theme options. Even our theme options let you see your theme changes in real time!

Unlimited Colour Schemes, 600+ Google Fonts – Pivot gives you full control over the theme colours, using our live preview theme options you can change all the colours in the theme, you’re given total control over the theme fonts, sizes, paddings, margins, you name it!.

One Click Demo Data Installer – With my custom wordpress data importer, your site can be up and running like my demo site in seconds.

WPML Support – Full multilingual support is baked right into Pivot! Full .po file available for more simple translations also.

Gravity Forms & Contact Form 7 Support – Pivot is totally ready for Gravity Forms straight out of the box, start building the forms you need straight away. If you’d prefer a free contact form builder, we also support Contact Form 7 in Pivot!

1, 2, 3 or 4 columns footer – It’s all up to you! the theme will respond to how you’re using the footer widgets areas and build the columns with no extra work from you!

WordPress Post Formats Support – Our posts use post formats to produce beautiful layouts depending on what you’re showing. Each with beautiful, easy to use controls to make your content shine!

Built in sharing – We’ve built beautifully styled sharing buttons right into the theme, share your content with style.

500+ Icons – Beautiful, retina ready icons at your disposal, use them all over the theme, they look beautiful on mobile devices too!

Blog Layouts – Grid Blog, Classic Blog and all again with a sidebar. You’ve got 4 different blog layouts to choose from, and with the included page builder, you can even change this on a page by page basis! Want one layout for one category, and other layout for another category, no problem!

Portfolio Post Type Layouts – Pick a post format, pick a post layout, mix and match to make a portfolio post that truly suits your content. Feature images, gallery, sound cloud, video, anything you need! then let your users share it with our beautiful sharing buttons.

Child theme included! – To make life easier I’ve included a basic child theme for you to install. Get your modifications going even faster!

5* Support, All From the Developer – I run all my own support, so you’re guaranteed a great & quick answer to your theme usage or setup question.

Key Features

  • WP 4.2.2+ Ready and Tested & 4.4+ ready & 4.7+ ready
  • One Click Demo Install
  • Amazing Ebor Page Builder Included
  • Lightning Fast
  • Fully Localized and Translation Ready
  • Flat design
  • Revolution Slider Included ($16 value)
  • Master Slider Included
  • %100 Fully Responsive
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.2
  • Parallax effect
  • Infinite Homepage Layouts
  • Retina-ready graphics and icons
  • SEO-friendly
  • Portfolio posts types
  • Filterable portfolio
  • Google Fonts
  • Rich styling options
  • Contact form 7 ready
  • Gravity Forms Ready
  • Help documentation
  • jQuery enhanced
  • Cross browser compatibility


=================================================================== May 19th 2017 - v1.4.19 ------------------------------------------------------------------- * FIXED: Twitter feeds * FIXED: Google font string in theme options accepts + now * UPDATED: Visual composer * FIXED: Visual composer issues with latest version * WOOCOMMERCE: 3.0.x integration * WOOCOMMERCE: Image gallery changed to new WooCommerce zoom gallery * WOOCOMMERCE: Included template version numbers updated * FIXED: Theme options initialization

June 2016 – v1.4.16

TWITTER - Small Fix for creating twitter feeds: affects new users only, existing users fine.

June 2016 – v1.4.16

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
UPDATED - Visual Composer to
IMPORTANT - Updated to new Instagram API Version, please see instructions here:

March 2016 – v1.4.15

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
FIXED - WP Login screen in wp4.5
UPDATED - Visual composer to v4.11.2

March 2016 – v1.4.14

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
FIXED - Twitter Feeds

October 2015 – v1.4.13

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
HOTFIX - Missing Icons

October 2015 – v1.4.12

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
UPDATED - Visual Composer to v4.7.4

September 2015 – v1.4.11

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
FIXED - Instagram API
UPDATED - Spectragram.js
ADDED - Instagram can now show either user images or hashtag images

September 2015 – v1.4.10

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
FIXED - Instagram API
ADDED - Instagram API theme option
WATCH - Instagram API introduction video:

July 2015 – v1.4.9

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
FIXED - Youtube sound issue
FIXED - Mobile Hovers issue

June 2015 – v1.4.8

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
FIXED - Metabox issue

May 2015 – v1.4.7

FIXED - Overlay header with rev slider
FIXED - Portfolio item widths when filtering

March 2015 – v1.4.6

UPDATED - wpml-config.xml
FIXED - Blog category selectors in Visual Composer
FIXED - Missing title from pricing table
IMPROVED - VC icons selectors now have a proper UI
ADDED - Related portfolio option to portfolio theme options

Jan 2015 – v1.4.5

UPDATED - wpml-config.xml
FIXED - Blog Header
ADDED - blog categories to VC blog block

Jan 2015 – v1.4.4

Renamed hover accordion
FIXED - Masterslider buttons in firefox & IE
ADDED - Offscreen nav link click now closes menu
FIXED - arrows now showing in FF for product quantity
MISC - CSS & JS Tweaks

Jan 2015 – v1.4.3

Small Themewide fixes

December 2014 – v1.4.2

WP 4.1 Fixes

December 2014 – v1.4.1

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
FIXED - H1 Margins
FIXED - Team members link to single posts
ADDED - Theme option to turn the site into one-page mode, enables URL rewriting

December 2014 – v1.4.0

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
UPDATED - Responsive wooCommerce
UPDATED - WooCommerce Styling
UPDATED - single WooCommerce products layout
ADDED - Disable header woo commerce options to the theme options
ADDED - ID input for VC rows
FIXED - :active and :focus styling for buttons
FIXED - Image issues in single product posts
FIXED - map embed for large map header
ADDED - Category chooser for VC Clients block
ADDED - Category chooser for VC Testimonials block
ADDED - Category chooser for VC Portfolio block
ADDED - Category chooser for VC Team block

December 2014 – v1.3.9

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
UPDATED - Responsive WooCommerce Styling
ADDED - Feature box button can open a new window
ADDED - 2 column and 4 column fullwidth portfolio options

November 2014 – v1.3.8

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
FIXED - Video Embed Block now fully responsive
ADDED - Link option to icon pin block
FIXED - Feature boxes now full width under many more configurations

November 2014 – v1.3.7

FIXED - Cleafix added to team feeds to ensure correct display
FIXED - 2 related items now displays correctly in portfolio
FIXED - Feature boxes now have a match height js applied
FIXED - All theme colours now properly applied

November 2014 – v1.3.6

ADDED - New "links" colour controls for finer control
ADDED - Raw HTML Block to page builder
FIXED - WP Login
MISC - CSS & JS Tweaks
ADDED - All fields now work in each page header type
FIXED - Simple Header type now works better on mobiles

November 2014 – v1.3.5

ADDED - social icons widget (ebor framework update)
IMPROVED - List Styling
ADDED - Theme option to control header offset for single page scrolling
ADDED - WPML flags to offscreen menu
MISC - CSS & JS Tweaks

November 2014 – v1.3.4

MISC - CSS & JS Tweaks
FIXED - IE9 Fixes
FIXED - Issue with testimonials height in edge case
IMPROVED - Post password form styling

November 2014 – v1.3.3

MISC - CSS & JS Tweaks
UPDATED - Ebor Framework (auto update)

November 2014 – v1.3.2

FIXED - Video embed block now in the "misc" category
FIXED - Improved header markup and CSS

November 2014 – v1.3.1

FIXED - Page section issue in ebor page builder
ADDED - Advanced project 1 & 2 demo data for visual composer
MISC - CSS Fixes
ADDED - Lightbox gallery block for visual composer

November 2014 – v1.3.0

ADDED - BBPress Support

October 2014 – v1.2.1

ADDED - Single team view - single-team.php
FIXED - Differing logo amounts in client row now organised automatically
MISC - CSS & JS Tweaks
ADDED - Client logos can now have external link applied
ADDED - AJAX cart icon for Easy Digital Downloads

October 2014 – v1.2.0

ADDED - Visual Composer support and added the plugin to the theme package

October 2014 – v1.1.0

MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
ADDED - Easy Digital Downloads Support
ADDED - WP Job Manager Support

October 2014 – v1.0.3

FIXED - Cart Icon Updater
MISC - CSS & JS Fixes
ADDED - Blog posts option for full page header
ADDED - Big tabs block to page builder

October 2014 – v1.0.2

Fixed - Demo Data image issue

October 2014 – v1.0.1

Day 1 Bugfixes
MOBILE - CSS Tweaks for better mobile display
FIXED - Small bug in dark logo theme option

October 2014 – v1.0.0 – Initial Release

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