Discover the #1 cost estimate, quotes and payment forms builder for WordPress, allowing you to sell any type of products and personalized services on your website.

Presenting a robust and versatile solution for your WordPress needs – the premier Cost Estimate, Quotes, and Payment Forms Builder. This top-tier plugin, designed for efficiency and precision, offers unbeatable quality and sophisticated functionality. Catering to those who prioritize excellence and comprehensive features, this tool is sure to enhance your WordPress experience.

The Cost Estimate and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress is not just another plugin; it is the embodiment of quality and comprehensive functionality, setting an unparalleled standard in the WordPress ecosystem.

Cost estimate and payment forms builder for WordPress Cost estimate and payment forms builder for WordPress Cost estimate and payment forms builder for WordPress Cost estimate and payment forms builder for WordPress Cost estimate and payment forms builder for WordPress Cost estimate and payment forms builder for WordPress Cost estimate and payment forms builder for WordPress

Why this plugin ?

In the world of form builders for WordPress, where monotony is king, we invite you to experience a break from the mundane, a divergence from the cookie-cutter plugins. It’s not about bending your needs to fit the tool anymore; this plugin is about delivering a tool that morphs and evolves to suit your needs.

The Cost Estimate and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress is not following trends; it sets them. Ground-breaking and innovative from inception, original inventor of many features clumsily copied by competitors, it is continually fine-tuned based on valuable feedback from our discerning users, offering you a powerfully unique experience.

Singularly crafted by a meticulous and dynamic developer, this plugin brings you a thoroughly holistic software experience that prioritizes your requirements, rather than forcing conformity.

Unveil a revolutionized way to visualize and manage your form processes – an approach so compelling that once tasted, it becomes irreplaceable.


Immerse yourself in the next-gen Forms Builder for WordPress, curated to seamlessly sell any type of personalized services and products.

Boasting over 21,000 sales and a sterling 5-star rating from the community, this plugin is continually evolving over nine years, testament to frequent updates and an unwavering commitment to quality. With rapid and effective support that has won over users, the infinite potential and user-friendly nature of this plugin are sure to captivate you and keep your customers engrossed.

Witness the fusion of power and simplicity – design intricate conditional processes and custom calculations in mere minutes with our intuitive visual tools.

You can issue customized quotes to your customers or facilitate single and recurring payments straight from your website using PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, or WooCommerce.

The plugin’s versatility allows you to sell any service or product: from applications, websites, graphics, SEO, to lunar fragments. It is equipped with a plethora of robust tools and options, enabling the creation of diverse form types, offering features like calendar & booking management, customer management, email and PDF templates, and much more.

The plugin seamlessly integrates with MailChimp, MailPoet, and GetResponse, allowing you to collate received data and relay it to Zapier.

WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder also harmonizes with WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads. Create gift creators or intelligent product pack generators with ease, automatically adding the selected products to the cart at the end of the form.

The robust booking system allows you to manage bookings, calendars, events, and email reminders directly from the backend of the plugin. Explore the ultimate WordPress plugin experience today. Dive into the realm of unparalleled quality, functionality, and sophistication. Welcome to the Cost Estimate and Payment Forms Builder for WordPress.


Versatile Form Builder:
Unleash creativity with an array of forms including contact, quiz, booking, cost estimation, payment, survey, and more. All made possible with this plugin.

Unprecedented Backend System:
Explore an unmatched application right within your WordPress backend. Packed with a multitude of tools and options, it’s the epitome of user-friendliness and intuitiveness.

Customizable Components:
Personalize each component with numerous options in the component editing panel. Unleash sliders, selectable images & icons, checkbox, switchbox, buttons, maps, color pickers, layered images, and much more.

Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder:
Creating complex layouts is a breeze with the visual step builder tool. Manage your rows, columns and components, duplicate them in one click, and place them freely with drag & drop.

Advanced Multi-step System:
Design and control form steps using a unique visual system. Link steps visually and define the appropriate visibility conditions for each one, enabling you to easily create any complex form process.

Effortless Online Payment:
Payment made easy with Paypal, Stripe, and Razorpay online payment options in your forms. Also compatible with any WooCommerce payment gateway when used.

Dynamic Price Calculation:
Seamlessly define dynamic prices & quantities based on form elements with its visual calculation system. Ideal for customizing the user experience.

Geolocation Capabilities:
Enter your Google Maps API key to utilize map components, draw itinerary and calculate the distance between two addresses for price & quantity calculations.

Smart Form Creation Wizard:
Rapidly configure your form’s main settings with the form creation wizard tool. Plus, with its automatic color predefining feature, just upload an image (like your logo) and get your form colors sorted.

Running Total & Subscriptions:
Automated calculations of selected items along with subscription support, presenting a single total cost + a recurring cost, even with payment options activated.

Stunning Visual Customizations:
Fully customize the styles, colors and effects of your form with a wide range of design options, giving you total control over the look and feel.

Innovative Form Designer System:
Visually modify any element of your form. This tool automatically generates the corresponding CSS rules and allows for direct editing.

Dynamic Content System:
Show the price/value/quantity of any form element in custom text or HTML code with the “Custom content” component.

Layered Images Component:
Display multiple superimposed images with the freedom to define the visibility conditions of each, providing a unique aesthetic touch.

Customer Management:
Keep track of customer data and visualize their orders from various forms on your website, ensuring all client data is easily accessible.

Customer Account System:
Customers can access their own account page to modify their data and view their orders, providing a personalized user experience.

Order Editing:
All orders are stored and can be edited directly from the plugin backend. Update order status, modify order content, then download or email them directly from the order editing panel.

PDF Generation:
Customers can download their quote in the form or receive it via email upon form submission, as a quote or an invoice.

GET Variable Prefill:
Auto-fill the fields of your form with the GET parameters detected in the URL, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

Data Integration with Other Software & Services:
Send form data to Zapier, enabling the transfer of information to any other software or service. Directly send contact information to MailChimp, MailPoet or GetResponse upon completion of the step containing the email field.

Support for WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads:
Assign Woo and EDD products to form items and auto-add them to the cart upon form completion, with prices as defined or calculated in the form. Detect the current Woo product, assign it to an item, and show the full form summary as product attribute in the Woo order.

Form Statistics:
Track your earnings from estimates, payments, and subscriptions by year or month for each form at the click of a button.

Field Validation:
Define your field validation conditions freely or use custom validation masks, ensuring accurate data collection.

Conditional Final Redirection:
Set multiple possible final redirections and define the conditions based on the form selection for each, directing users seamlessly to their next destination.

Discount Code System:
Create discount coupons that apply reductions on total cost. Each code can have its own reduction type (fixed amount or percentage) and maximum number of uses.

Progress Saving:
Allow customers to save their form progression to continue later. The plugin uses the browser’s local storage to store and recover selections.

Complete Booking System:
Manage calendars and events, configure email reminders, available hours and days of the week, and more. Assign a calendar to a date picker, register events automatically upon order submission, and define the maximum number of possible events.

Electronic Signature:
Let your customers sign their order directly from the final form step. The signature is added to the email and PDF file sent to the admin.

Google Analytics Integration:
Track all visited form steps by entering your Google Analytics key in the form settings.

Component Visibility Conditions:
Define visibility conditions for any form element, based on the selection made and the values filled by the user.

Dynamic Form Selection Summary:
The plugin generates a summary table of the form selection, displayed at any step, in the final step and sent by email. Customize it extensively via the “Summary” settings panel.

SMTP Email Account:
Streamline your communications! Configure an existing SMTP email account within our plugin’s settings and all the emails sent by the plugin will be dispatched directly from this account.

Customer & Admin Email Customization:
Control your messaging with ease. Directly from the plugin backend, you can freely modify the content of the emails sent to the admin and to the customer, using a WYSIWYG editor.

Google reCaptcha 3:
Protect your forms from spam and bots effortlessly. By simply adding your Google ReCaptcha 3 to the form settings, you can secure your forms without any friction.

GDPR Compliance:
Meet your GDPR obligations. Our forms are 100% GDPR compliant, providing customers with the ability to view, modify, and request the deletion of their data.

Flexible Form Display:
Seamless integration with your site. The form shortcode generator lets you control how the form is displayed in the page. Inline, fullscreen, or as a popup – the choice is yours. You can also change the default start step directly from the shortcode.

Multi-lingual & International:
Reach a wider audience. Duplicate your form with a single click and adjust its texts, currency, prices, and date formats to target different countries and languages.

Price Range Result:
Give your customers flexibility. The form can generate a price range result instead of a precise total cost. Define a proportional or fixed range amount from the settings of the form as per your needs.

Powerful Variables System:
Take control of your form’s process. The variables tool allows you to create custom number or text variables that can be altered during the form process, used in calculations, and displayed in “Custom content” components.

Import/Export Data System:
Transfer your forms data to another website in just 3 clicks! Never lose your valuable form data.

Automatic Updates:
Stay updated, always. With our one-click updates, benefit from new features and improvements brought by each new version.

Countless Options:
Discover the possibilities. Find a vast number of useful and well-organized options for your forms, steps, and each type of components.

Unlock unlimited potential. With unlimited forms, steps, components, and endless possibilities by combining the myriad options present, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Premium Support:
Need help? Benefit from our efficient, fast, and friendly support, directly from the author of this unique plugin. Our support is rated 5 stars by customers.

And so much more!
There’s still so much more for you to discover with our plugin. It’s not just a plugin, it’s a complete solution for your form needs.

Decade of Success: A Testament to Client-Focused Evolution and Unmatched Support

For nearly a decade, this plugin has been a cornerstone in the digital realm, and there are compelling reasons why its success is continually echoing. At the heart of its longevity is an unwavering commitment to perpetual evolution, driven largely by valuable client feedback.

Each and every suggestion from our users is meticulously analyzed and harnessed to refine and expand the plugin’s capabilities. This symbiotic relationship between us and our clients is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering a product that not only meets, but often surpasses, client expectations.

But this isn’t the full picture. The lynchpin to this longstanding success has been the quality of support provided directly by the author. More than a service, it’s a unique accompaniment that guides clients through the years and the development of their various projects.

This personalized support, coupled with the plugin’s continually evolving functionalities, creates a product environment that’s dynamic, interactive, and precisely aligned with our clients’ needs, fostering a decade-long journey of success and many more to come.

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Customers Reviews

Please open the “Reviews” page to discover what customers say of this 5 stars rated premium plugin.
Here are some significant examples :

I’m a frequent buyer on Envato… This plugin is #1 of all plugins I’ve purchased. It works great with all popular themes.

One of the best plugins for WP I’ve ever had. Lots of functions & excellent customer care

I am running out of words to say thanks.
Thanks a million in every way though. You have saved me a lifetime. The best plugin and quickest support ever. :)


This is an awesome plugin. I am only scratching the surface on what it can do. I have had some questions on how the plugin works and the tech/customer service has been excellent and quick. They have been patient with me as I am learning the plugin and had questions about it. They answered all my questions very professionally and politely. I would recommend this product to everyone. This one ROCKS!!!!!!!

Fantastic design, innovative solutions, excellent code quality and support that can only be rated at 10/10. pqinstitute

This is a fantastic plugin, and well worth the (very reasonable) cost. It’s features and design are much better than other WordPress cost calculator plugins I have used. What really sets it apart is the amazingly fast, friendly and efficient support from Charly.
Highly recommend!

A great plugin, that does exactly what’s required. Lots of versatility, intuitive to use, and the support when I have had an issue, has been exemplary. You can buy it with absolute confidence! 5 HUGE stars!

The most amazing and useful plugin I’ve ever purchased. Thank you!

One word: fantastic


   - the "Ajax navigation support" option isn't required anymore to use the plugin with Elementor Page Builder 
   - backend system improved 
   - minor corrections & improvements

   - discount codes of stored orders are now included in the exported csv file
   - form loading speed improved
   - slider component improved
   - new option to add buttons to number fields 
   - backend UI improved
   - minor corrections & improvements

   - backend UI improved
   - slider component improved
   - payment from email link improved
   - minor corrections & improvements

2023-01-04 : 
   - backend UI improved
   - slider component improved 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2022-11-10 : 
   - MomentJS library upgraded
   - GDPR system improved
   - alias option bug fixed
   - minor corrections & improvements

2022-10-31 : 
    - discount codes can now have expiration date
    - backend UI improved
   - minor corrections & improvements

2022-09-28 :
   - Fontawesome upgraded to version 6
   - select field component improved
   - minor corrections & improvements

2022-09-12 : 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2021-11-05 :
   - backend UI improved
   - new option to show some items as columns in the exported orders csv file
   - possible blank screen issue on backend side fixed
   - minor corrections & improvements

2021-09-08 :
  - backend UI totally redesigned and reworked
  - new visual step builder system
  - tons of new colors options
  - background gradient options
  - new form summary component
  - new Youtube video component 
  - range component 
  - new option to prefill form fields with GET variables
  - page speed optimization
  - new documentation
  - tons of improvements and new options

2021-07-23 :
  - minor corrections & improvements

2021-06-15 :
  - form designer code improved
  - export system improved
  - minor corrections & improvements

2021-05-31 :
  - discount code issue fixed
  - possible datepicker JS conflict fixed
  - backend UI improved
  - minor corrections & code improvements

2021-05-06 :
   - code reworked to meet all Envato technical requirements 
   - new option to assign the current woo product to an item of the form (when the form is placed in a woo product page) 
   - step duplication system improved 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2021-04-13 :
   - new Map component
   - maps styles presets
   - image items can now use Font Awesome icons
   - new "Send variable as GET value" option
   - new "Mobile scroll margin" option
   - new "Send summary as woo product attribute" option
   - price calculation system improved
   - DomPDF library upgraded
   - minor corrections & improvements

2021-02-15 :
   - DomPDF upgraded
   - Stripe payment improved
   - backend UI improved
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-12-11 :
   - Wordpress 5.6 support
   - minor improvements

2020-12-02 :
   - new options to easily apply VAT
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-11-10 :
   - rich texts improved
   - steps builder improved
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-10-09 :
   - Form Designer tool improved
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-09-08 :
   - new step visual builder system 
   - new "Rate" component 
   - backend UI improved 
   - Form Designer tool improved 
   - datepicker component improved 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-08-20 :
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-07-06 :
   - Stripe payment improved 
   - backend speed improved 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-05-15 :
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-04-23 :
   - frontend calculations speed increased
   - new preview page system
   - new countries list option for select fields
   - new option to recover the total price of a specific step in the calculations
   - new option to allow the user to download the order as PDF from the final step
   - selected images can now be displayed in the email & pdf content
   - new "traveling duration" option for distances calculations
   - new e-signature option
   - DomPDF upgraded to the last version (PHP 7+)
   - group option improved
   - the option "Type of information" can now be used on select fields
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-02-05 :
   - calendars events system improved 
   - possible time format issue in backend calendars fixed 
   - steps manager speed improved 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2020-01-13 :
   - distance calculation issue in variables calculations fixed 
   - Stripe payment improved 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-12-04 :
   - calendar system improved
   - new option to export the calendar events to Google Calendar
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-11-27 :
   - new option to export calendars events to Google Calendar 
   - minor improvements & corrections

2019-11-08 : 
   - new option to test SMTP email 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-10-29 : 
   - possible duplicated steps issue fixed
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-10-11 : 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-09-19 : 
   - customers account frontend management
   - customers backend management
   - custom calculations improved (it now supports conditions in conditions and variables declarations)
   - SMTP email option
   - mask options for text fields
   - new progress bar style "All steps" 
   - data encryption improved
   - new form background image option 
   - new Dark Mode option for backend
   - new option "Max events per day" for datepickers
   - new option "start date in X days" for datepickers
   - new option "Shadow effect" for images items
   - CAPTCHA system replaced by Google reCAPTCHA 3
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-07-11 :
   - Strong Customer Authentication for Stripe 
   - possible conflict with Jetpack Lazy Loading Images on selectable images fixed 
   - PDF files generation improved 
   - compatibility with Cornerstone improved for its next planned version 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-05-31 :
   - Razorpay payment gateway 
   - woo product selector improved 
   - backend UI improvements 
   - DomPDF library upgraded 
   - minor code improvements & corrections

2019-05-10 :
   - new option to choose the style of the checkbox (switchbox or classical checkbox) 
   - new option to keep the slider tooltip open 
   - new form option to choose if the progress bar progression must follow the single total cost or the subscription total cost 
   - new item option to automatically hide the item in the summary if its price is null 
   - forms & calculations speed improved 
   - minor improvements

2019-03-19 :
   - new option to change the step of an existing item 
   - new option to hide zero quantities in the summary 
   - new option to make the steps cells of the final summary clickable 
   - new option to hide the price of specific items in the final summary 
   - forms shortcodes can now directly start at a specific step of the form 
   - issue on uploaded files with similar names fixed 
   - addresses autocomplete improved 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-02-09 :
   - new option to refresh the form orders list 
   - possible bug when exporting forms fixed
   - possible double captcha issue fixed 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2019-01-31 :
   - css rules created from the Form Designer tool are now automatically updated when the form is duplicated 
   - forms & orders export system improved
   - possible issue on final redirection when using Paypal + Stripe fixed
   - form preview pages are now only accessible to admins
   - code improvements 

2019-01-10 :
    - minor corrections & improvements

2019-01-03 :
   - Stripe & Paypal can now both be used in a same form 
   - 1 480 Font Awesome icons available 
   - backend UI Improved
   - possible accents issue in PDF files fixed 
   - new option to show the items titles as woo products names in the cart 
   - new option to show the items descriptions in the summary 
   - minor improvements

2018-11-18 :
   - item quantities now use the separators defined in the settings of the form  
   - behavior of the button option "call next step on click" improved 
   - distance calculations used as quantity improved 
   - paypal payment from email link improved 
   - used memory on backend side improved 
   - new option to disable the grey selection effect on images 
   - minors improvements and corrections

2018-10-05 :
   - new option to send the values of a form to Zapier
   - code improvements

2018-10-03 : 
   - security breach on files upload fields fixed
   - minor improvements

2018-09-21 :
   - new item type : "Image with button" 
   - demos forms included on installation
   - minor improvements

2018-09-14 :
   - the plugin can now modify the price of wooproducts then add them to the cart 
   - subscription options improved
   - minor corrections &  improvements

2018-08-30 :
   - possible issue on dropdowns in the Form Desginer tool fixed 
   - maximum content size of custom calculations increased 
   - minor improvements

2018-08-09 :
   - New option to add tooltip to Checkbox, Fields, Selects & Buttons items 
   - New option that allows to send the prices/values of the wanted items as GET parameters to the final url 
   - Import/Export system improved 
   - Minor corrections & improvements

2018-07-20 :
   - New option that allows to empty the woo cart before adding the selected products 
   - Possible issue on rich texts items that use visibility conditions fixed 
   - Issue in datepicker description when using row layout fixed 
   - Backend UI Improved 
   - Minor corrections & Improvements

2018-07-17 :
   - 3 New demo forms
   - Icon option for default dropdowns  
   - New option to enable/disable the data encryption in the database 
   - Issue on rich text items that use visibility conditions fixed 
   - New item option "Don't use payment if selected" 
   - Minor corrections & improvements

2018-06-20 : 
   - forms speed improved 
   - rich text item variable system improved 
   - minor improvements & corrections

2018-06-01 : 
   - the Form Designer tool is now unlocked by default 
   - code & UI improvements 
   - minor improvements

2018-05-17 :
- GDPR compliance : 
   - all personal data of customers are now encrypted in the database 
   - new option to allow the customers to manage their data (they can download their informations and send  modification or deletion requests to the admin)  
   - new options to customize the data management page & emails 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2018-04-09 :
   - booking system now accepts events generated from date ranges that coming from 2 datepickers 
   - bulk actions to export and delete orders 
   - confirmation popup when a step is deleted 
   - animations speed option improved 
   - new options to change the html tags of the titles 
   - possible bug on conditions based on comparing the attributes of two items fixed 
   - possible layout issue when using the option "Save for later" fixed  
   - automatic scrolling improved 
   - speed of backend actions improved 
   - new option "Disable minutes" for datepickers 
   - verification system of available dates and hours in datepickers improved 
   - datepicker component improved on mobile 
   - form designer numberfields issue fixed 
   - minor corrections & improvements

2018-02-20 :
   - new booking system 
   - calendars management 
   - email reminders management 
   - new orders can register new events on the defined calendar and set the selected dates as unavailable
   - timepickers improved 
   - backend improved 
   - custom calculations improved 
   - possible issue using wooproducts in the last step fixed 
   - Stripe payment improved 
   - minor improvements & corrections

2018-01-16 :
   - the content of the pdf attachments is now freely editable from the backend 
   - possible slowdowns on backend fixed 
   - performance of the steps manager canvas improved 
   - minor corrections and improvements

2018-01-03 :
   - new option allowing the users to save their selection to finish the form later 
   - new option to send the form automatically when the user arrives to the last step 
   - new option allowing to use the total selected quantities of a step in a custom calculation 
   - reductions on quantity option can now be used on sliders and number fields 
   - minor corrections and improvements

2017-11-28 : 
   - prices, titles and quantities of the selected items can now be recovered and used in the email templates 
   - prices, values, titles and quantities of the selected items can now be used in Rich Text items 
   - numberfields can now define a quantity and have price 
   - new option allowing to show links to the uploaded files in the customer's email summary 
   - price range can now be defined by a percentage 
   - new option "Disable steps manager links animation" to avoid possible slowdowns on backend using some notebooks 
   - new option "Style of image titles" allowing to use static titles instead of tooltips for images
   - new button to reset the current order reference index
   - new conditions options for textfields 
   - new shortcode [date] to show the date of the current day in the emails & pdf files 
   - datepickers now show the current date if there is no default value defined 
   - minor improvements 

2017-10-10 :
   - new options allowing to add a summary in a bubble, available from any step of the form 
   - new available icons (786 in total) 
   - new option allowing to show the prices in the email summary even if they are disabled in the form one 
   - stripe payment form improved 
   - backend panel of stored orders improved 
   - backend UI improved 
   - minor corrections and improvements 

2017-09-06 :
   - stored orders panel improved  (pagination & search field)
   - generation of pdf files improved  
   - new option allowing to add payment link in the email sent to the customer  
   - lot of minor improvements

2017-07-18 :
   - new item type "Button" 
   - new options "Call next step on click ?" and "Main color" for buttons 
   - new item option "Calling method of the url"  
   - now works with Woocommerce Subscriptions 
   - new option "Introduction Image" 
   - minor corrections and improvements 

2017-06-12 :
   - new "Layered Image" item, allowing you to show/hide the different layers depending on the wanted conditions
   - new validation options for textfields 
   - new icon options for fields
   - new design option "Style of fields" 
   - new design option "Shining effect on buttons" 
   - minor improvements

2017-05-24 :
   - can now work with Easy Digital Downloads 
   - stored orders can now be edited, exported as pdf and sent again by email directly from the backend 
   - new custom validation options for textfields
   - can now add woo products to the cart even by using a Gravity Form on the last step 
   - RTL support improved 
   - generation of PDF files improved 
   - minor improvements 

2017-04-19 : 
   - new option to define the quantity of an item from a custom calculation 
   - new options allowing to create more complex conditions 
   - any type of item can now be used on the last step, allowing admins to create single step forms 
   - new type of item "Shortcode" to insert wp shortcodes in any step of your forms
   - new type of item "Separator" to freely add line breaks in a step
   - new type of item "Time picker" 
   - conditions can now be applied to the time-pickers items 
   - new options "Time min" and "Time max" for time-pickers 
   - possible issue in charts by year fixed 
   - minor corrections, optimizations and improvements

2017-03-03 :
   - new option allowing to freely define the email sender name 
   - new option "Allow dates in past" for date-pickers 
   - new option "Show months menu" for date-pickers 
   - new option "Show years menu" for date-pickers 
   - new options to add icons to buttons 
   - new option to easily recover the number of days between two dates in custom calculations 
   - new option to quickly edit each option of a select item 
   - new available "zoom" style for selection icons on images items 
   - design panel improved 
   - image items can now be SVG files 
   - issue on distance calculations during form duplication fixed 
   - issue using GetReponse fixed 
   - minor improvements

2017-01-18 :
   - Code improvements & minor corrections

2016-12-12 :
   - New CAPTCHA option 
   - New design options 
   - Result can now be a price range 
   - Generation of PDF files improved 
   - Form Designer improved  
   - Stripe payment improved 
   - New option allowing to hide decimals in the final summary 

2016-12-06 :
   - New option to change the quantity interval for sliders 
   - Distance calculation used as quantity improved 
   - Backend UI improved 
   - Form Designer improved 
   - Minor corrections & improvements 
   - There is now a demo form by default after a new installation 
   - Import/Export of forms now include the modifications made using the Form Designer

2016-11-28 :
   - Fill your purchase code to activate the new powerful Form Designer extension 
   - New code editors for Custom CSS and Custom JS options 
   - New option to change the language of the paypal payment page 
   - New option allowing to disable the selection of the first option of a dropdown 
   - New option allowing to define a fixed width for the columns of a form 
   - Distance calculations improved 
   - Backend UI improved 
   - PDF generation improved 
   - Option "make payment only if this checkbox is selected" now works with Stripe too 
   - Minor corrections and improvements 

    - The plugin now generates the pdf files itself, there is no more external service used 
    - Minor improvements and corrections 

2016-11-03 :
   - Conflict with Autoptimize css compression fixed
   - Minor improvements 

2016-10-23 :
   - Style of select items improved 
   - New option to hide the total row in summary 
   - New item option "Hide quantity in summary" 
   - New conditions "Is different than" for values, prices and quantities 
   - PHP7 support improved 
   - New colors options

2016-10-03 : 
   - New step option "Hide the next step button" 
   - New form option "Custom JS" - New item option "Is required" for pictures 
   - New item option "Default value" for fields - New item option "Hide quantity in summary" 
   - Duplication of forms improved 
   - Minor improvements and corrections 
   - Documentation improved 

2016-09-23 :
  - minor corrections and improvements

2016-09-08 :
  - new distance calculations feature (calculated distances can be used in custom calculations and as quantity on items) 
  - the final redirection can now change depending on the wanted conditions 
  - documentation improved
  - new demo form included in the package 
  - minor improvements

2016-08-10 :
  - Fields values can now be used in email templates
  - New option to display the total price at bottom of each step
  - New option allowing to hide the progress bar
  - Backend UI improved
  - Maximum value possible for sliders increased
  - Conditions in calculation using numberfields improved
  - New option to freely change the top margin scroll (to improve the use of forms with a fixed theme header)
  - Woo products can now be assigned to checkbox and sliders
  - Minor improvements and corrections

2016-06-21 :
  - New Statistics feature
  - Duplication of forms improved
  - Minor improvements 

2016-05-29 :
  - Payments can now work with Stripe
  - New features & options
  - Backend UI improved 

2016-05-10 :
  - New type of items : "Sliders" 
  - Minor improvements

2016-04-29 :
  - Orders can now be sent as PDF attachment in emails 
  - Custom calculations using numberfields improved 
  - Items visibility conditions system improved

2016-04-22 :
  - New type "Number Field" for items. It can be used in calculations and conditions 
  - Possible issue using custom calculations fixed

2016-04-19 :
   - Like steps, items can now be displayed depending on conditions 
   - Items and last step fields can now be sorted by drag & drop 
   - Minor UI improvements

2016-04-08 :
   - Google Analytics support 
   - New feature to export orders as .csv 
   - Animations of forms improved 
   - Auto calculation of steps height improved 

2016-04-06 : 
   - New option allowing to use any google font or the default theme font in the forms 
   - Address, city, country, state, first name, last name and phone can now be detected and sent to Mailchimp & GetResponse list 
   - New step option allowing admin to set a number max of items per row 

2016-04-01 : 
   - new feature allowing to create easily custom calculations on items prices 
   - summary and email improved using subscription + single prices 
   - possible issue on preview page fixed

2016-03-31 : 
   - New option allowing to choose if all conditions or only one must be filled to activate the link 
   - New multiple files upload feature for file fields (admin can choose allowed extensions and define the maximum number of files that can be uploaded for each field) 
   - RTL support 
   - Issue in calculation using hidden items on last step fixed 
    - CSS improvements

2016-03-23 : 
   - New item option "Is a part of subscription ?" allowing forms to generate a single price and a subscription price together (works also with payment) 
   - Admin can now use dates from datepickers in conditions 
   - New option to improve compatibility with themes using ajax navigation to show pages

2016-03-19 : 
   - New option allowing to hide items and steps from the form (useful to apply a tax at end) 
   - New options "Min size" and "Max size" for textfields

2016-03-15 :
    - New "Colorpicker" type for items 
    - Customer's email can now be automatically sent to MailChimp / MailPoet / GetResponse lists 
    - New option "Million separator" to format price 
    - New option “Hide all prices” in “Last step” tab, to hide price column and total from summary/email 
    - New option “Automatic next step” to enable/disable the automatic call of next step when only one item is selectable and step requires a selection 
    - New option ”Inverse gray effect” to inverse the grayscale effect on picture (item is gray if unselected) 
    - Minor issues fixed 
    - Bug on links fixed 
    - Frontend & backend CSS improvements 

2016-03-04 :
    - New feature "Discount coupons" 

2016-02-17 :
    - Possible bug on shortcode integration fixed

2016-02-08 :
    - Potential warning message on activation fixed 
    - Backend UI improved 

2016-02-02 :
    - New automatic update system 
    - New option to hide a step from the summary and customer's email 
    - Hidden steps and items are now displayed in logs and admin's email 
    - Logs improved 
    - Rich text editor for the legal notice content 
    - Potential bug fixed in email editor 
    - Rich text editors improved 
    - Minor code improvements

2016-01-26 :
    - New option to hide quantities column in summary and email 
    - New option to hide zero prices in summary and email 
    - New item : Rich text 
    - German and French translations included
    - Minor code improvement
2016-01-03 :
    - Forms can now be used to generate subscriptions 
    - New option to use Paypal IPN
    - New paypal options for subscriptions 
    - Display of selection improved on generated emails
    - Stored orders improved
    - Summary improved
    - Minor code improvements

2015-12-10 :
   - Step description and summary improved 
   - The font size of the price now change automatically to not exceed the circle 
   - CSS improvements 

2015-12-05 :
   - Steps can now have a description under title
   - Orders can now be sent to several emails 

2015-12-03 :
   - The customer's email is now used as "from" field in received orders
   - Potential bug using visual composer with a signle form fixed

2015-11-28 :
   - New option "Slider" for quantity selection 
   - Woo product variations support improved

2015-11-23 :
   - Bug fixed on summary
   - Previous page button of the browser can now be used to return to the previous step 

2015-11-12 :
   - A summary can now be displayed on last step
   - Bug fixed when deleting log

2015-10-30 :
   - User can now freely edit thousands separator and decimals separator

2015-10-23  :
   - new paypal currency & minor corrections
   - bug fixed : sometimes the price seemed to increase a short time between each step.

2015-09-18 :
   - New type of field : Textarea
   - New rich editor for email templates. Admin can now easily add pictures to content . 
   - Visual Composer support : there is now an "Estimation form" module in V.C .

2015-09-16 :
   - New type of item : file field, to allow customers to upload files 
   - New loader using the main color during the file upload 
   - New option : the payable amount on paypal can now be a percentage of the total price of the form
   - Yes/No labels of checkbox are now replaced by icons
   - The background color can now be changed from the "design" tab of each form

2015-08-30 :
   - Security improved 
   - Feature to call the next step directly on selection using grouped items improved 
   - Css improved

2015-08-11 :
   -  new type of field : "Date picker" 
    - option to set the language of datepickers 
    - correction of double click issue on iOS improved 
    - minor corrections and improvements

2015-08-05 :
   - "doubleclick" issue to select pictures on iOS fixed

2015-07-27 :
   - New option to call an url on selection of an item 
   - Next step will be called automatically at selection if all items use the same group
   - CSS improved 
   - Height of the step panel was increased 

2015-07-23 :
   - New option to add legal notice on last step 
   - Css improvements

2015-06-19 :
    - New type of item : Select Field 
    - New option in form settings to add custom css code 
    - Issue with conditions on form duplication fixed 
    - Demo data to import improved
    - Automatic updates system 
    - Minors improvements
    - Potential bug using checkbox fixed

2015-06-18 :
    - New option to hide the price on the final step
    - New option to modify the price font size
    - Backend UI improved 
    - Steps can now be duplicated

2015-06-16 :
    - Orders are now stored and readable from backend 
    - Percentage symbol issue fixed in emails and tooltips
    - New help tooltips on UI buttons (backend)

2015-06-08 :
    - RUB currency added 
    - Bug fixed with previous link using the "Show step" feature 

2015-04-23 :
    - Bug on email template fixed 

2015-04-18 :
    - Current step display bug fixed 
    - Predicting calculation improved

2015-04-09 :
     - Bugs fixed

2015-04-08 :
     - Completely reworked backend : more visual, more intuitive and more beautiful interface
     - New powerful conditional system
     - Quick form preview from backend
     - Plugin is now fully translatable using .po file or WPML

2015-03-11 :
     - Bug with description in "row" layout fixed

2015-01-19 :
     - Database error fixed

2015-01-09 :
     - Compatibility with avada theme improved

2014-12-12 :
     - Bugs fixed

2014-12-08 :
     - New integration system (without iframe)
     - Gravity Forms support improved
     - Reorganized and simplified backend
     - Colors can now be managed per form

2014-12-03 :
     - items can now be showed as column or row
     - total price can now be recovered in a field when a form uses gravity form
     - auto-height animation improved, when a form uses shortcodes

2014-10-21 :
     - Integration with shortcodes improved

2014-10-20 :
     - "Blank screen" bug fixed

2014-10-17 :
     - Paypal payment support
     - Order reference number added to payments and emails
     - Price animation improved

2014-10-10 :
     - When the user changes step, the page is scrolling to the top (for mobile use)
     - New option : initial price can now be hidden in the progress bar advancement

2014-09-26 :
     - Bug on required field validation fixed

2014-09-10 :
     - Admin can now freely edit content of emails (wysiwyg editor)

2014-09-06 :
     - Steps and items can now be duplicated

2014-09-04 :
     - Checkbox can now be grouped (1 selection per group)

2014-08-26 :
     - When a form is set to "Save to cart", items that are not woo products can now be used as conditionals items

2014-08-12 :
     - Items price can now be displayed in the title
     - Admin can now apply differents reductions depending on the quantity selected
     - Quantity selection can be done with buttons or number field

2014-08-08 :
     - Progress bar can now shows the total price or the step number

2014-07-10 :
     - Admin can now change titles and descriptions colors
     - A form can now be sent to the customer too (email subject and additionnal text can be edited) .

2014-06-30 :
     - Admin can now sets the textarea height
     - Items can now have a description
     - Background panel animation improved
     - License verification system

2014-06-22 :
     - Bug with fields fixed

2014-06-18 :
     - You can now integrate a form in a page using shortcode

2014-06-16 :
     - A step now may depend on the selection of an item
     - An item may have a price or apply a percentage to the total

2014-06-12 :
       - Multiple forms management

2014-06-07 :
     - Gravity forms support : you can now assign a custom form to the last step

2014-06-05 :
     - Now you can create your own textfields and textareas in the last step
     - Items can be textfields too
     - You can define a specific url for the close button
     - Admin settings panel improved
     - Recover easily the selected items and datas with php

2014-06-04 :
     - WooCommerce support !
     - Possibility to change the size of pictures
     - Auto tint images option
     - Colorpicker for colors settings

2014-05-31 :
        - Items can now be selected by quantities ! (try the item "Database" on demo)
        - Option added to settings to skip introduction
        - Plugin name updated
        - Bug with some versions of mySQL fixed
        - Examples data are now included in the package, ready to be imported

2014-05-30 :
         - Fast & easy import/export system for your settings, steps and items (including pictures)
         - Prices can now be negatives
         - Items can be selected by default
         - "Previous step" link
         - Now can be used as page template
         - Colors bug fix

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