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What is Visual Form Builder?
Visual Form Builder enables you to create beautiful HTML5 forms in seconds. Each form has integrated client side and server side validation, and is compatible with all browsers (even IE6). Features

  • A beautiful and simple interface – Add fields with one click.
  • Two built in themes – Easily add your own additional themes to the application.
  • All major field type including HTML5 fields – Text, Text Area, Select, Radio, Checkbox, Password, File, Email, Number, URL, Date, and Range
  • Client + Server Side Validation – Each form you create has client side and server side validation built in
  • Powerful and simple validation options – The script will automatically validate HTML5 fields based on their type. Modify validation rules thought the simple field settings dialog
  • Preview Mode – allows you to test the form validation before you download it.
  • Two download options – Choose to download forms as a zip file or get the source code for each of the individual files.
  • Complete post processing control – Use the included sample code to mail the results of the form or add your own processing logic. *The sample code does not upload files or email files.

Note: Using the application requires a modern browser, but the forms created by the application are compatible with ALL browsers.

This application requires the php zip extension

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