This app is the ultimate app to manage your domains (or clients domains). You can securely save and retrieve the different access (FTP, MySQL, SSH etc) and check the expiration date and invoices payment.

This app comes with 2 types of access. The admin access where you can add clients, domains, create invoices, define your clients access, and edit the information. The clients access enables to your clients to view their domains, invoices and access their users/passwords.

This app also integrates with Paypal and your clients can pay directly their invoices, which are set to the closed status automatically once paid! Your clients have also the ability to renew a domain before it expires, which have for effect to generate a new invoice and take your client to the payment page.

Your clients have also the ability to print in a PDF format all their invoices, that have the most important information like the date, their name and address, purchased packs, price, and of course your company’s information.

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Admin access
Username: admin
Password: admin

Client access
Username: bean
Password: bean

Main features

- Manage your clients and their domains
- Invoice system supporting Paypal payment and print to PDF feature
- All the domains access (usernames/password) are encrypted and highly secure in the database
- Enable your clients to pay for their invoices right from their interface
- Easily view the expiration date of each domain, and the invoices payment status
- Your clients can renew their domains and pay for their newly generated invoice
- Get payments notifications directly into your inbox
- Enable your client to register and login through their Facebook account
- Enable some specific clients to view the data of other clients


30 Jan 2016
- Updated the latest domain checker code. Supporting Dreamhost (need an account) and Blazing (free).
9 Nov 2012
- Ability to verify domains availability based on the Domains Name Checker
- Clients are able to order domains, and an invoice is automatically generated for it
- Emails notification to the admin when a client orders a domain name
- Email notification to the client, including a payment link, when a domain name is ordered
10 Oct 2012
- Centralized most texts to be translated very easily and added support to other languages. The app is now supporting 2 languages (English and French).
- The admin interface can be set to a different language than the client interface
- Added a more secure sessions management system
- Several improvement mostly in the displays (tooltips with more information, clickable domains names, better invoices display etc)
- Added the ability to create invoices not related to domains, to use the app not only as a domains manager but also as a client/invoicing system !


- Add/edit/delete domains
- Define the access users/passwords for each domains
- Your clients can access their users/passwords
- All the sensitive information (users/passwords) are encrypted in the database !
- Ability to renew a domain and automatically generate a new invoice

Packs/domains types

- Define and edit your own domains/packs types
- Define your own price (used for the domain renewal)
- Easily view how many domains you have per type


- Add/edit/delete invoices
- Ability to print invoice in a PDF format
- Integrated with Paypal for easy payments
- Multiple currencies supported (USD, CAN, EUR, etc)
- Define your company information used for each invoice
- Support a logo that you can use for each invoice

Paypal integration

- Paypal payment fully integrated with each invoice
- Automatically set an invoice as “Paid” after a payment is made
- Security verifications to make sure the real amount has been paid before closing an invoice

Admin notification

- A payment notification is sent by email to the admin whenever a payment is made


- Your clients can create an account with a user/password or using their Facebook account
- Ability to change a password
- Ability to reset a password with a “Lost password” feature
- Your clients can view and update their information (name, address, tel, email…)
- Your clients can view and manage their domains, access and invoices !

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