This table rate method for WooCommerce has the ability to add multiple rates for a given customer based on a variety of conditions set by admin. These can include shipping destination, cart subtotal, item shipping class, price, weight, and so much more.

4.0.2 - 2017-05-09
    - Fixed: 'Greater than' conditions are now 'Greater than or equal to' and the same for 'less than' conditions
    - Fixed: Shipping Class Priorities could not be changed once set
    - Fixed: Finding variation product IDs causing fatal errors in WC 2.6
    - Fixed: Import feature not able to select CSV files in Safari browsers
    - Fixed: Export feature not inserting proper line breaks for all operating systems
    - Fixed: 'Hide Other Options' returning lowest priority option instead of high
    - Fixed: 'Product' condition showing translated products in WPML
    - Fixed: Option descriptions not registering properly in WPML String Translation
    - Fixed: 'Invalid Header' error caused by double plugin headers from old settings

4.0.1 - 2017-04-22
    - Fixed: Rows with multiple conditions were only validating the first conditions
    - Fixed: Percentage based shipping costs saving as a flat rate in settings
    - Fixed: Subtotal not calculating correctly for Per Class 'Condition' type
    - Fixed: Per Class 'condition' type returning rates when items with no class are in the cart
    - Fixed: Single Class Only option not appearing when page reloaded and Per Class condition activated
    - Fixed: Variable products not retrieving categories correctly
    - Fixed: Category settings not showing empty categories
    - Fixed: Weight values being rounded when rounding option was disabled
    - Fixed: Weight values being rounded at product level instead of Condition set
    - Fixed: PHP fatal error for users with an outdated PHP version

4.0 - 2017-04-14
    - Added: Support for WooCommerce shipping zones and multiple instance
    - Added: Entirely New Settings Interface
    - Added: Ability to have multiple conditions and costs per table row
    - Added: Shipping descriptions that appear beneath the shipping option's title and price
    - Added: New products, categories, and date based conditions
    - Added: New 'for every' cost type to work with price, quantity, weight, and dimensions
    - Added: New 'multiplied by' cost type to work with price, quantity, weight, and dimensions
    - Added: User role based settings
    - Added: Import/Export capability for table of rates
    - Enhanced: Moved shipping class priorities to 'Shipping Classes' settings page
    - Enhanced: WPML support upgraded and retested
    - Enhanced: Calculation algorithm to improve speed and memory usage
    - Enhanced: Improved settings for volumetric settings
    - Enhanced: New hooks and filters allow developers to extend the plugin better
    - Added: Shipping Class ID numbers next to titles in priorities list to help with CSV imports (deprecated versions)
    - Enhanced: Modified compare functions to ensure it did not fail on certain equal numbers (deprecated versions)
    - Fixed: Shipping not calculating under Single Class options with WPML (deprecated versions)
    - Fixed: Problems with using quotations in shipping titles (deprecated versions)
    - Fixed: Checkboxes not working in WordPress 4.7 (deprecated versions)
    - Fixed: Free Shipping Override label not working in non-latin based languages (deprecated versions)

For a complete list of changes, view the full version log.

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