This app enables you to verify your visitors phone numbers, and make sure it’s a valid phone number. The verification is done by sending an SMS message, containing a unique code. The users can use that unique code to verify their number, and to access your locked content.

So this app can also be used as a content locked, where you can reward the users who have verified their phone number with s special content, only accessible to them!

From the secured backend interface, you can of course view all your visitors phone numbers, but you can also send an SMS message to the selected users. That also enables you to view and filter through the phones numbers that have been verified, and to access the history of all the messages sent through the app.

This app is the ultimate app for verifying your users phone number and for your SMS marketing campaigns! It’s based on the Twilio API, and sending one SMS starts as low as 1 cent per message.


- Enables you to verify your users phone number by SMS
- Verification code sent instantly by SMS
- Ability to unlock a reserved content using the verification code
- Ability to restrict the SMS sending to only certain countries
- Admin interface to send SMS to all your subscribers
- Confirmation of the status of the delivery of the SMS sent
- History enabling to check the details of all sent messages
- Based on the Twilio API
- Sending SMS starts at only 1 cent per message!
- Responsive design (works great on small screens!)

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