Looking to establish your booking business? Look no further than the RnB – WooCommerce Booking and Rental Plugin. This hassle-free solution simplifies installation and setup. Seamlessly rent out an array of items, from cars and bikes to dresses, tools, and gadgets, and many more. Renowned as a top-selling WooCommerce booking plugin, it empowers you to expand effortlessly.

Enjoy the freedom to incorporate unlimited rental products, all while retaining control over your pricing structure. Navigate a comprehensive calendar management feature that enables you to block and maintain availability seamlessly. The innovative “request for quote” section facilitates negotiation, allowing custom pricing tailored to individual users.

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RnB is packed with all necessary rental and booking features, including Hourly range pricing, Inventory management, and support for variations. Benefit from the flexibility of managing payable resources and accommodating various user numbers. This Plugin ensures compatibility with the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress, ensuring optimal performance.

Experience the flexibility of different pricing plans to cater to diverse customer needs. Seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar to streamline scheduling. Benefit from local and global settings to fine-tune your business operation. Implement price discounts to attract and reward your customers.

Choose from an array of layouts to best suit your business style. Whether it’s the basic booking layout, the dynamic Uber-like map-based cost layout, or the streamlined booking feature layout, you’ll find the perfect fit. Provide all kind of flexibility and control to support any WooCommerce appointment booking, WooCommerce accommodation bookings and WooCommerce hotel booking

With 150+ 5-star ratings, almost 10,000 sales, and a market presence of over 7+ years, the RnB – WooCommerce Booking and Rental Plugin stands as a true industry leader. Unlock an abundance of backend options and settings. From blocking rental days and hours to defining minimum and maximum booking days, every aspect is customizable. Fine-tune your site with settings like single day booking, maximum time penalty, and date format preferences. Enjoy daily basis opening and closing time configurations and more.

Diversify your reach by making your website multilingual with WPML support. Elevate your booking business with the powerhouse features of the RnB – WooCommerce Booking and Rental Plugin. Experience the best in WooCommerce booking and WordPress rental solutions.

Plugin is fully compatible with the latest wooCommerce and WordPress versions.

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features features features features features features features features features

features features


Reasons to choose RnB plugin

  • Amazing Customer Support. For almost 7+ years in market and 150+ 5-star ratings, Customers are our main priority. We’re dedicated to assisting you in every possible way.
  • The product is up-to-date. Every future update brings you innovative features and developments that enhance your experience.
  • We have tried to show every demos built with RnB – WooCommerce Rental and Booking Plugin . Check our demos
  • Join a vibrant community of 10,000 satisfied customers and access Technical Support that treats every inquiry as a top priority. Our commitment to your success drives us to provide exceptional assistance.
  • Your input matters! We wholeheartedly welcome Customer Feedback for refining and expanding our features to better serve your needs.
  • After purchase, gain access to our Advanced Support Ticket System, ensuring you receive prompt and professional assistance tailored to your requirements.
  • Empower your journey with the most comprehensive online documentation available. It’s a dynamic resource, consistently enriched with fresh insights. Click here
  • Simplify learning with Multiple Video Tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions for seamless navigation. Check RnB Playlist
  • Tap into our Expansive Knowledge Base, a repository of wisdom that’s continuously growing to address your evolving needs. Click here
  • Be part of our thriving user community and explore User Testimonials that highlight the positive impact we’ve made on countless websites. Your success story could be next!

Features covered with RnB Plugin

It creates a new WooCommerce product type , its called Rental product , Where user can set product with various options, such as
Unlimited Bookable Products

Create and manage an unlimited number of bookable products, allowing you to offer a diverse range of rental options to your customers.

Multiple Inventory Management

This Wordpress Booking Plugin can easily handle multiple inventories for different products, ensuring accurate availability and preventing overbooking.

Product Availability Control

Effortlessly control the availability of your rental products, specifying dates and times when they can be booked by customers.

Online/Offline Payment Gateways

Offer flexible payment options with support for both online and offline payment gateways, enhancing customer convenience.

Order Notification Check

Receive real-time notifications about new orders, enabling you to stay informed and promptly fulfill customer bookings.

Control Order Status

Manage and update the status of orders, ensuring smooth communication and transparency throughout the booking process.

Day-Based Booking Calendar Blocking

Block specific days on the booking calendar to prevent reservations, giving you the freedom to manage your rental schedule.

Hour-Based and Calendar Blocking

Define hourly time slots and calendar blocks, offering customers flexibility while maintaining a structured booking system.

Hourly-Based Pricing

Set different pricing tiers based on hourly rental periods, accommodating varying customer preferences and budgets.

Flat Hour-Based Pricing

Apply consistent flat rates for hourly rentals, simplifying pricing and making it easy for customers to understand.

Hour Range Based Pricing

Configure pricing based on specific hour ranges, tailoring costs to different times of day or periods of high demand.

General Price Configuration

Customize pricing rules and parameters to align with your business model and offer competitive rates to customers.

Day Range Price Config

Set pricing for specific date ranges, catering to seasonal variations and special events that affect demand.

Kilometer/Mile Based Pricing

Implement distance-based pricing for rentals, ensuring accurate charges for customers who travel varying distances.

Price Discount (Percentage/Fixed)

Apply discounts to rental prices, either as a percentage or a fixed amount, to attract customers and drive sales.

Display Pricing Information

Show transparent pricing information to customers, enhancing trust and encouraging them to make bookings confidently.

Price Breakdown During Booking

Provide a clear breakdown of pricing components during the booking process, helping customers understand the total cost.

Coupon Based Discount

Offer promotional discounts through coupon codes, encouraging repeat business and rewarding loyal customers.

Categories with Quantity

Organize rental products into categories with quantity limits, optimizing inventory management and customer choices.

Category (Mandatory/Optional)

Define whether certain categories are mandatory or optional for customers to select during the booking process.

Category Cost (Per Day/One Time)

Specify category costs as either a daily recurring fee or a one-time charge, adapting to diverse rental scenarios.

Security Deposit Handle

Manage security deposits for rentals, ensuring you’re covered for potential damages or losses during the rental period.

Deposit Cost Setting

Set the cost of security deposits based on your business needs and the value of the rented items.

European/Non-European Date

Choose between European and non-European date formats, catering to the preferences of your target audience.

Full/Partial Payment Setting

Allow customers to make either full or partial payments for their bookings, offering flexibility in payment options.

Configure Booking Fields Label

Customize labels for booking fields to match your business’s terminology and improve user experience.

Last Hour Management

Manage bookings for the last available hour, preventing last-minute reservations and ensuring proper scheduling.

Max & Min Booking Days

Set maximum and minimum booking durations, ensuring bookings align with your rental terms and availability.

Initial Block Days Settings

Configure initial block days for rental products, allowing time for maintenance and preparation between bookings.

Holidays Close Setting

Specify holidays as closed days for bookings, ensuring accurate availability information and preventing conflicts.

Opening & Closing Hours Config

Define your business’s operating hours for each day, streamlining the booking process and customer expectations.

Pre/Post Booking Block Days

Implement block days before and after bookings, allowing for cleaning, preparation, and buffer time between rentals.

Weekend Selection Settings

Customize weekend availability and pricing settings to accommodate different rental policies for weekends.

Daily & Monthly Price Configuration

Set pricing structures for daily and monthly rental periods, offering versatile options to cater to diverse customer needs.

Our Awesome Products

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v16.0.0 – 08 Jan 2024

- Fixed compatibility issues with Bookingly v1.0.3 [support]

v15.0.9 – 04 Jan 2024

- Code refactoring [refactor]
- Fixed compatibility issues with Bookingly v1.0.2 [support]
- Fixed issues with fox currencies [Bug Fixing/Support]

v15.0.7 – 27 Dec 2023

- Fixed fox currency compatibility issue [Bug Fixing]

v15.0.6 – 13 Dec 2023

- Added option to block calendar after a certain period to time [New]
- Fixed price update issue with quantity update [Bug Fixing]
- Tuesday opening closing time issue [Bug fixing]

v15.0.5 – 07 Dec 2023

- Showing notice when seasonal pricing applies [new]
- Calendar block all future dates after a certain date [new]
- Global opening/closing setting added [new]
- Add quick doc links in inventories [new]
- RnB menu icon change [Tweaking]
- Update quote listing in admin area [Tweaking]
- Added extra columns in RFQ listing in admin area [new]
- Re-arrange RFQ details page [Tweaking]
- instance payment fix amount / percentage functionalities added [Tweaking]
- Fixed non-existing taxonomy terms issues [Bug]
- RFQ panel css issues fixed [Tweaking]
- RnB calendar fatal error fixed for HPOS data format [Bug]
- Code formatted [Tweaking]
- Js updated. [Tweaking]

v15.0.4 – 23 Nov 2023

- Fixed compatible issue with bookingly plugin [tweaking]

v15.0.2 – 09 Nov 2023

- Fixed pickup or return on holiday issue [tweaking]
- Add new action and filter hooks [tweaking]
- Musk license key on input field [Tweaking]

v15.0.1 – 16 Oct 2023

- Added Fox Multi-currency plugin support [New Feature]
- Code refactored [tweaking]
- Added license verification 
- Added RFQ total price 0 issues [Bug fixing]
- Fixed RFQ add to cart issue [Bug fixing]
- File Restructured [Tweaking]

v15.0.0 – 21 Aug 2023

- Fixed Uncaught TypeError: DatePeriod [bug fixing]
- Fixed Required parameter $item_id follows optional parameter $min warning [bug fixing]

v14.0.9 – 20 Aug 2023

- rnb custom table not found issue checked
- Get type error fixed during syncing order with google calendar issue
- Code re-factor

v14.0.8 – 1 Aug 2023

- Fixed discount issue for marginal days 

v14.0.7 – 21 July 2023

- Fixed discount issue for marginal days 
- Fixed compatibility issue with Turbo theme 

v14.0.6- 27 May 2023

- Fixed custom blocked date issue
- Fixed unwanted data in RFQ mail issue
- Added new hooks to make it compatible with seasonal pricing add-ons

v14.0.5- 19 April 2023

- Compatibility issues fixes with RnD extra product options plugin

v14.0.4- 05 April 2023

- Fixed rnb calendar loading issue for big size of order data
- Added rest api endpoint for rnb calendar data
- Added loader on full calendar for rest api data loading
- Updated JS
- Updated CSS

v14.0.3- 17 March 2023

- Fixed compatible issue with rnb extra product options plugin. 
- New filter and action hooks added

v14.0.2- 24 Jan 2023

- Fixed compatible issue with rnb extend order plugin. 
- Fixed date blocking issue with extended order

v14.0.1- 05 Jan 2023

- Fixed compatible issue with 2022 and 2023 WordPress theme 

v14.0.0- 13 Dec 2022

- Added filter to make it compatible with backend booking add-on

v13.0.9- 26 Nov 2022

- Read pickup & return date from URL and autofill in product single page.
- Added new filters

v13.0.8- 13 October 2022

-Fixed error for rnb categories
-Added filter to modify booking templates

v13.0.7- 28 September 2022

-  Fixed blocked date not showing on calendar issues
-  Fixed marginal day calculation issues
-  Fixed marginal discount calculation issue

v13.0.6- 07 September 2022

-  Fixed 12-hours order sync issue with google calendar

v13.0.5- 01 September 2022

-  Removed log which cause fatal error

v13.0.4- 29 Aug 2022

-  Fixed If Pickup date & time and Return time is enabled then 00:00 hour doesn't work

v13.0.1- 1 July 2022

-  Fixed same time overlap issue on checkout
-  Add description support on resource
-  Add option to make resource as mandatory or optional

v13.0.0 – 28 June 2022

-  Fixed same time overlap issue on cart

v12.0.9- 4th June 22

- Fixed mail fire twice on RFQ issue
- Fixed incl tax issue on product price showing issue
- Fixed rnb addons page design
- Fixed deposit refund issue
- Discount cost issue on cart page
- Fixed fake order issue

v12.0.7- 11th May 22

- Fixed compatible issue with rnb-extend-order 1.0.1

v12.0.6 – 23th April 22

- Fixed rnb calendar issue
- Fixed one day less booking issue on rnb-calendar

v12.0.5 – 6th April 22

- Fixed deposit refund issue
- Fixed missing deposit amount on item total on rnb calendar and google calendar
- Fixed get product type issue

v12.0.4 – 29th March 22

- Cart warning fixed

v12.0.3 – 25th March 22

- Fixed RFQ password issues
- Fixed Google calendar single date booking sync issue
- Fixed issues when time fields are disabled
- Extend order compatibility issues fixed
- Translations files updated

v12.0.1 – 25th Feb 22

- Fixed Google calendar date issue
- Make it compatible with RnB backend booking
- Fixed iPhone calendar zoom issue
- Translations files updated
- Fixed RFQ checkout issue

v12.0.0 – 21 January 22

- Compatibility check with turbo
- Google map issue fixed
- Error checking for date availability

v11.0.9 – 30 December 21

- issue fixes for extension plugins

v11.0.8 – 23 December 21

- RnB item total issue fixed
- Trailing date include in booking

v11.0.7 – 26 November 21

- Filter hooks added for cost calculations

v11.0.6 – 24 November 21

- Fixed hourly range price issue
- Fixed invalid quantity error issue

v11.0.5 – 16 Nov 21

- Fixed wooCommerce default product type add to cart issue

v11.0.4 – 08 Nov 21

Caution! Breaking changes

- Code refactor and coding structure change
- Fix calendar issue.
- Fixed category quantity issue
- Price breakdown issue fixes
- Shop page pricing showing issue fixed

v11.0.3 – 26 Aug 21

- Fixed warning in admin order
- Fixed warning for required plugins

v11.0.2 – 15 Aug 21

- Fixed reorder issue
- Fixed multiple quantity issue
- Fixed email translation issue
- Fixed RFQ special character broken issue
- Fixed multiple inventory categories quantity issue
- Fixed label typo

v11.0.0 – 20 April 21

- Fixed payment failed booking issue. 
- Added dynamic duration cost label for a model layout
- Fixed customized location placeholder select issue
- Added missing esc_html inventory translation
- Fixed dynamically generated input field name translation
- Regenerate translation files
- Fixed Google Integration warning message
- Fixed payable person css issue

v10.0.9 – 11 March 21

- Fixed monthly pricing reset issue.

v10.0.8 – 02 March 21

- Fixed double click issue
- Fixed backend pricing translation issue
- Fixed layout two css issue
- Updated datejs package
- Fixed generic categories quantity issue
- Fixed categories quantity issue for Avada theme
- Added support email Unicode blog name

v10.0.7 – 11 Jan 21

- Fixed price conflict issue

v10.0.6 – 28 Dec 20

- Added GDPR option for RFQ form
- Fixed compatibility issue for WP 5.6

v10.0.5 – 12 Nov 20

- RFQ email issue solved
- Default price sorting issue fixed

v10.0.4 – 06 Nov 20

- Price breakdown control added
- RFQ issues fixed

v10.0.3 – 28 July 20

- Time picker issue fixed
- RFQ email content issue fixed

v10.0.2 – 22 June 20

- UI updated
- CSS updated
- Modal layout issues fixed
- Demo updated

v10.0.1 – 20 April 20

- Adult option fixed
- Child option fixed
- Zero price based booking issue fixed
- Translation issues fixed

v10.0.0 – 2 April 20

- Console error fixed
- Category issue fixed
- Settings issue fixed

v9.0.9 – 3 March 20

- Mobile date blocking issue solved

v9.0.8 – 22 Feb 20

- Modal layout validation issue fixed
- Deposit clickable / non-clickable issue fixed
- Back-end day range pricing, discount, and hour range pricing default type added

v9.0.7 – 30 Jan 20

- Modal Layout issue fixed
- Quantity not available issue fixed
- Backend date blocking issue
- code restructuring 

v9.0.6 – 03 Dec 19

- Quantity validation issue fixed
- Location validation issue fixed
- RnB extension page broken image issue fixed
- Price showing issue fixed

v9.0.3 – 16 Nov 19

- Deposit issue fixed
- Server site validation checking
- RnB Add-ons page
- Max and Min days booking message changed
- Wrong payment due issue fixed on cart page
- Pickup time issue
- Admin booking fields validation issue fixed

v9.0.2 – 16 Oct 19

- Shipping & Tax issue solved on cart page

v8.0.9 – 03 Oct 19

- Price breakdown
- Make deposit non-taxable
- RFQ total price 0 issues
- RFQ form submit redirect issue
- Validation issues solved
- Foreign key issues solved on custom table
- Improved settings panel

v8.0.8 – 4 September 19

- Validation issue fixed
- O price issue fixed
- Error message issue fixed
- Conditional price bugs

v8.0.7- 23 July 2019

-  Reactive pro plugin searching issues fixed
-  Inventory table issue fixed

v8.0.6 – 18 April 2019

-  Flat hours pricing plans
-  Extra hours pricing plans

v8.0.5 – 09 April 2019

-  Hourly Range pricing plan
-  12-hour time format issue fixed
-  Pricing info CSS issue fixed
-  Code optimized

v8.0.2- 19 March 2019

-  Feature & Attributes tab issue fixed
-  Mysql custom availability table prefix issue solved
-  12-hour time format issue fixed
-  Date blocking issue fixed

v8.0.0- 04 March 2019

-  Multiple inventory with multiple quantity
-  Hourly blocking depending on inventories 
-  Inventory data structure changed
-  Documentation updated

v7.0.2- 29 Jan 2019

-  Category quantity issue fixed
-  WPML tab issue fixed
-  RNB & Google Calendar 1 more day issue fixed
-  Modal layout placeholder issue fixed
-  Modal layout locations required issue fixed
-  Total price NaN issue fixed
-  Next, Previous, and Finish button translation issue fixed
-  Current date previous time issue fixed
-  Quantity field not showing in pre selected data issue fixed

v7.0.1- 18 Dec 2018

- RFQ form placeholder customizable
- Translation issue solved
- .po files updated
- RFQ wanted data removed
- Rentable and unlimited booking issue fixed

v6.0.8- 31 October 2018

- 12-hour time format issue solved
- Quantity box input field fixed
- Google calendar issue solved
- Conditional fields documented
- Option panel data translate issue fixed

v6.0.7- 17 September 2018

- Request For Quote - My account issue fix
- Uber Like Layout update
- Settings panel control update
- New design implementation

v6.0.6- 29 July 2018

- Validation message added
- Time based booking quantity issue solved
- .pot file updated

v6.0.4- 15 July 2018

- Holidays blocking on calendar
- Start of of the week day select from option panel
- Validation issue
- Total price currency format according to the wooCommerce currency settings

v6.0.3- 30 June 2018

- Quantity and total price calculation issue fixed
- Pre-block and post block days issue fixed
- RFQ modal email sent successful notification issue fixed
- RFQ button disable issue with error message issue fixed

v6.0.1- 04 June 2018

- RnB Calendar translation issue fixed
- Show inventory reference on rnb calendar and order details page
- Map icon change
- am/pm time format
- Request for quote without username and password
- Global label issue
- Quantity and price update issue fixed
- Quantity validation
- Cancel / Trash orders and date availability feature modified
- Google map console error fixed

v6.0.1- 04 June 2018

- RnB Calendar translation issue fixed
- Show inventory reference on rnb calendar and order details page
- Map icon change
- am/pm time format
- Request for quote without username and password
- Global label issue
- Quantity and price update issue fixed
- Quantity validation
- Cancel / Trash orders and date availability feature modified
- Google map console error fixed

v6.0.0 – 28 April 2018

-  Location choose from google map
-  Map distance count and price update
-  Modal layout added in booking page
-  Fixed checkout page bug with quantity for other produtcs
-  Buffer days added
-  Google map api key added

v5.0.8 – 02 April 2018

-  Google calendar description added
-  Global & Local settings for quantity label
-  Quantity field on/off

v5.0.7 – 29 Mar 2018

-  Quantity Feature [New feature]
-  Inventory and availability checking before place order [bug fixing]
-  Code Refactoring [Enhancement]

v5.0.6- 16 Jan 2018

-  Order cancellation and date availability fixed
-  Product blocked issue fixed for cart page
-  Shop page rental product button label change option

v5.0.3 & v5.0.4- 18 Nov 2017

-  Available time fixed for all date format
-  RnB calendar order issue fixed for multiple item
-  RnB calendar issue fixed for single day booking
-  Request for quote improvement
-  Instance payment issues fixed

v5.0.2- 08 Nov 2017

-  Solved Multiple item in single order issue on rnb calendar 
-  Select2 jQuery plugin added 
-  Instance payment issue solved
-  Request for quote email improved with customer details
-  Some JS and CSS issues solved

v5.0.0- 12 Sept 2017

-  Order status update issue 
-  Total days, Total hours, instance pay string changing option
-  Person string changing option
-  Image showing issue for attribute tab
-  Label changing options for attributes and features

v4.0.9- 08 August 2017

-  Global settings issues fixed
-  Cancel order and date blocking issues solved

v4.0.8- 29 July 2017

-  Global settings issues solved for flipbox, date and time field display
-  Global options link issue solved
-  Date block issues improved

v4.0.7- 19 July 2017

-  WPML issues fixed
-  Global settings default value fixed
-  Price  flipbox issue solved
-  General tab dummy text removed
-  Data saving issue fixed

v4.0.5- 13 July 2017

-  Local & Global Settings Fixed
-  Some CSS issues Fixed
-  Some JS issues Fixed

v4.0.2- 08 May 2017

-  Internal Server issue solved

v4.0.1- 02 May 2017

-  Google Calendar Integration <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />

v4.0.0 – 24 May 2017

-  Included category taxonomy
-  Quantity feature on category taxonomy
-  Set min block days on calendar from today
-  Set extra block days on calendar after a booking
-  RnB calendar css issues fixed
-  Select2 issues solved on back-end
-  Set person as Adult and child from back-end
-  During dummy data importing inventory date blocking issues is solved
-  Some CSS issues fixed
-  Some JS issues fixed

v3.0.8- 30 April 2017

-  Select issue solved in back-end
-  Internal Server issues solved

v3.0.7- 12 April 2017

-  Make compatible with wooCommerce 3.0.1

v3.0.6 – 07 April 2017

-  Make compatible with wooCommerce 3.0

v3.0.4 – 20 March 2017

-  WPML issues solved
-  WooCommerce order cancel and product availability checking
-  Weekend booking issues solved
-  Day basis opening & closing times setting options
-  Single day price calculation issues solved
-  Show Pricing dynamic text from setting tab
-  Pricing plan dynamic text from setting tab
-  Instance pay dynamic text from setting tab
-  Total cost dynamic text from setting tab
-  Discount dynamic text from setting tab
-  All .po and .mo files udpated

v3.0.3 – 19 Feb 2017

- Rnb calendar issue fixed
- Code Restructure

v3.0.2 – 28 Jan 2017

- Request For Quote
- Rnb calendar issue fixed
- Shop manager can access rnb calendar

v2.1.8 + v2.1.9 – 12 Nov 2016

- Fixed and per day price calculation in day ranges pricing
- Provided option to set pickup date & time name in cart, checkout and order page 
- Provided option to set return date & time name in cart, checkout and order page 
- Provided options to set resource name in cart, checkout and order page 
- Provided options to set person name in cart, checkout , and order page
- Provided options to set deposit name in cart, checkout,  and order page 
- Provided options to set pickup location name in cart, checkout,  and order page 
- Provided options to set return location name in cart, checkout,  and order page 
- Email translation issues fixed
- All pre-attached .po files updated
- Some CSS issues fixed
- Some JS issues fixed
- Single day booking issue fixed

v2.1.7 – 02 Nov 2016

- Translation issues fixed
- PO and .MO files updated
- Front-end price , currency issues fixed

v2.1.6 – 17 Sept 2016

-  Fixed Inventory and date availability issue

v2.1.5 – 13 Oct 2016

-  German language file updated
-  Spanish language file updated
-  Italian language file updated
-  Dutch language file updated
-  redq-rental.pot file updated
-  Pickup-date placeholder issue solved
-  Pickup-time placeholder issue solved
-  Dropoff-date placeholder issue solved
-  Dropoff-time placeholder issue solved
-  Tuesday spelling issue solved
-  Thursday spelling issue solved
-  Cart page per day and one-time translation issue solved
-  Check out page per day and one-time translation issue solved
-  Book now button text changes from product backend
-  Person placeholder issue solved

v2.1.3 – 05 Sept 2016

-  Delete some unwanted files

v2.1.2 – 30 Aug 2016

-  Full calendar order show issue solved
-  Payment due issue solved on cart page

v2.1.1 – 23 July 2016

-  Single day booking option added
-  Day ranges price showing issue solved

v2.1.0 – 2 June 16

In this version we also add some languages for multi-lingual support. We use po edit auto translation and google translation for that. So this might not 100% translation ready. But for now its just a start. You can help us to fix those issues, so that we can edit to our next version. Let us know if you find any issues.

  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch

-  Full calendar integration in the wp-admin panel for viewing the booking orders.
-  All resources, person, security deposit , locations term delete issue solved

- folder languages:
-  added: German Language files
-  added: Italian Language files
-  added: Russian Language files
-  added: Spanish Language files
-  added: French Language files
-  added: Dutch Language files

v2.0.4 – 25 May 2016

- Pickup and dropoff location name modify
- Js dependency added depend on taxonomies input value

v2.0.3 – 20 May 2016

- Some CSS issue solved
- PHP warning solved during term creation
-  SecurityDeposit taxonomy changed to Deposit

v2.0.2 – 16 May 2016

- Make compatiable with PHP V 5.3 or less 

v2.0.1 – 16 May 2016

-  PHP warning issue solved  
-  CSS design improved in backend

v2.0.0 – 13 May 2016

- Inventory management system 
- Max booking days option added
- Min booking days option added
- Resources, person, security deposite, locations  auto sugesstion 
- Select weekend


v1.0.7- 16 April 16

- Fixed issues with woocommerce default type products  

v1.0.6 – 09 April 16

- Issues fixed with firefox browser 

v1.0.5 – 05 April 16

- Fixed some typography mistakes  

v1.0.4 – 27 March 16

- Make full compatible with others woo-commerce product types 

v1.0.3 – 23 March 16

- Discount on general pricing plan depending on rental days
- Discount on daily pricing plan depending on rental days
- Discount on monthly pricing plan depending on rental days
- Discount on day ranges pricing plan depending on rental days
- Local and global setting to show on/off pickup date and pickup time
- Local and global setting to show on/off return date and return time
- Local and global setting to show on/off pricing flip box

v1.0.2 – 17 March 16

- Set price as floating point value 

v1.0.1 – 13 March 2016

-  Discount on daily pricing plan (major)
-  Set (in percentage) prepayment during booking (major)
-  Payment due feature added
-  Global setting added in woo-commerce->setting tab
-  Show location cost in cart and checkout and order page
-  Show resources cost in cart , checkout and order page
-  Show deposit cost in cart, checkout and order page  
-  Global and local setting added for pickup location title change
-  Global and local setting added for drop-off location title change
-  Global and local setting added for pickup date title change
-  Global and local setting added for drop-off date title change
-  Global and local setting added for resources title change
-  Global and local setting added for person title change
-  Global and local setting added for deposit title change

v1.0.0 – 11 February 16

- initial release.

So far you can use this plugin for multiple uses. Such as car rent, hotel booking, property rent and lot more.

  • Hotel booking
  • Auto rent
  • Rent a taxi
  • Vehicle booking
  • Accessories booking
  • Property booking
  • Boat trip booking
  • Rent a car booking
  • Book anything in the world  :)
  • Rent everything in this planet  :)

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