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Live Support Chat. PHP & MySQL based. For any website. No monthly fees.

Works with any website – static, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart (any website with PHP & MySQL back-end)!

  • Easy installation
  • Compatible even with IE8!
  • Works with any PHP 5 & MySQL website
  • Contact form fallback
  • Mobile support (responsive guest widget)
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Multiple operators and guests chatting
  • Clean and modern look
  • High quality set of avatar images
  • Chat box with high quality emoticons set
  • Initial „welcome” message after guest logs in
  • Operator knows which page the guest is currently visiting!
  • Message views auto-updating their relative delivery time
  • Sound notifications (10 predefined sounds to choose from)
  • Conversations history with filtering
  • Widget colors and texts/language customization
  • Unlimited usage — no monthly fees


  • PHP 5 (with PDO support),
  • MySQL 5.


How to update:

21 January 2017:

  • PHPMailer library updated to version 5.2.22,
  • fixed default timezone setting code (caused problems with History querying),
  • mobile widget button: changed element positioning from “absolute” to “fixed”,
  • update of installation SQL code,
  • fix for incorrectly highlighted links in the chat box (when URLs had comma characters).
18 June 2016:
  • fixed email issue causing emails not to be sent on some servers,
  • changed database connection code causing errors on some servers,
  • updated protocol determination code causing issues with HTTPS URLs (big thanks to modxzero for his comment and implementation).
19 February 2016:
  • fixed the problem with “Another operator is already helping this guest…” message not being properly displayed on some servers.
02 February 2016:
  • solved infinite scrolling of the page caused by mobile version,
  • solved problems with “show()” and “sendMessage()” methods of the JavaScript API.
12 December 2015:
  • fix for email sending with SMTP.
04 November 2015:
  • fix for forcing UTF-8 character set in contact form emails, JSON and plain text responses.

22 October 2015:

  • checking file permissions during installation wizard,
  • set default timezone if not defined,
  • display URL of the source page and author’s IP in contact form emails,
  • new & better HTML emails sent by contact form,
  • automatic HTTP/HTTPS switching in widget embedding script (using protocol relative URL),
  • optimized Ajax requests in both widget and administration panel,
  • set UTF-8 character set for mysql queries,
  • SMTP support.

10 October 2015:

  • added desktop notifications.

02 July 2015:

  • added window title blinking when operators get new messages,
  • added contact form email settings in installation wizard.

19 June 2015:

  • fix for clear history feature,
  • fix for some settings not being updated after widget theme change,
  • fix for installation wizard not being able to run on some servers,
  • added feature to toggle email input in the guest’s login form,
  • added logging feature and logs tab in the administration panel.

10 June 2015:

  • fix for mobile on-screen keyboard covering message input,
  • fix for widget sometimes not loading in webkit browsers.

09 June 2015:

  • avatar upload fix,
  • system message for operators talking to already served visitor fix,
  • initial triggering of the mobile view fix.

04 June 2015:

  • sound alerts fix,
  • fix for having to double-click to hide the widget.

03 June 2015:

  • installation wizard fix.

02 June 2015:

  • installation wizard,
  • JavaScript API for the widget,
  • clear history feature,
  • auto showing widget afer given number of seconds,
  • the whole title bar of the widget now clickable (not only the small button),
  • support for SSL (HTTPS URLs handled correctly),
  • dynamic placeholders in canned messages,
  • cross domain functionality now available by default (no need to use separate version),
  • better handling of database and “page not found” errors.

23 June 14:

  • Widget themes feature added.

20 June 14:

  • Canned messages feature added.

17 June 14:

  • Additional, cross-domain version included with the application.

14 May 14:

  • Fixed the issue with contact form not properly displaying international characters in the sent e-mail message.

Older updates:

  • mobile support for guests,
  • toggle full screen (full window) mode,
  • settings for widget’s width and height in admin’s panel,
  • end the chat feature for visitors,
  • fluid layout for the admin’s panel,
  • reduced scripts size,
  • typing indicator.

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