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New Update

New Update 2.1 released. Please check change log, bottom of page.

Creative E-Mail Contents

With a set of professional, customisable, pre-made templates included, you can start sending appealing newsletters to your subscribers within minutes.

You can also design your own email templates or purchase email templates online to add to your template archive. There are no limitations and templates can be used for different purposes.


User Friendly Administration Tools

There many features on your administration section. Upon installation, all settings and features are setup as needed so that you can start capturing subscribers and sending newsletters immediately.

Nonetheless, you can configure each and every feature by toggling behaviour, making functionality available, specifying captions and much more.


Personalise & Customize

Create custom forms to capture and hold specific values for subscribers such as name, company, phone, etc.

Use custom forms to personalise newsletters and also to segment the sending of newsletters to specific subscribers based on certain criteria.


Categorized Subscribers

Create groups and lists to organise subscribers. Each list can behave differently and you can create private lists or even paid lists for exclusive content.


Black List Control

Email blacklists are a common way of reducing spam. Manage unwanted subscribers with IP, bounce and other reasons.


Export / Import

Export / Import your datas with many ways. Lethe has faster importing tool with partitation system. Large amount lists could be import without server issues. Also you can use third-party list imports for each softwares. (Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart etc.)


Advanced CSV Import

You can choose CSV fields for correct save areas.



An autoresponder is just a sequence of email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide.

Lethe offers four autoresponder action;

* After Subscription / Unsubscription: Send welcome or goodbye messages automatically

* Specific Date: Automatically mail sender, in weekdays, campaign finisher / reloader as you selected date & action combinations.

* Special Date: Automatically mail sender, before reaching the target date. e.g: Send 2 days before the date of birth.



With Lethe you can create a series of timely messages to announce your holiday plans, remind people about important dates and deadlines, and thank people for shopping small during the holiday season.

You can connect with potential customers across their different devices, and reach them in the place they are going every day — the inbox.


Reports & Productivity Analysis

Check your campaign statistics; clicks, opens and bounces daily / monthly or yearly reports. You can see which person open mails and click your links and you can see how many times repeated for each person.

Also you can get Productivity Analysis for each campaigns. List and Campaign quality, lost subscribers over these campaigns etc.


Short Codes

You no need to retype the same information in each campaigns. Short Codes will dynamically replace your texts in your letters.


API Controls

Lethe offers remote controls for your subscribers. You can call API URLs from different servers for new subscription, move, check or delete an subscriber.



You can manage your campaigns from any device, anywhere and keep works moving.


Multiple Layouts

You can change Lethe workbench layout if you want to use it darker or lighter views.


Multiple Languages

Lethe supported multi-languages and 25 language included.


Inline Help Tool

You no need to check document everytime for each sections, lightbox mini helper will help you want to learn how to work that field.


Easy Installation

You do not need to be an expert for installation. Step by step you can complete the installation by entering your informations.


Well Documentation

Clear and useful installation & usage guide. Systematic fields are shown with graphic illustrations.


E-Mail Marketing: How Does It Work? Animations.

We have create some animations about e-mail marketing. How does subscribing, mailing, autoresponds work etc.. We hope you enjoy and it would be helpful.


Full Features


  • Easy Installation
  • SMTP / PHPMail / GMail Support / Amazon SES / MandrillApp / SendGrid
  • phpMailer / SwiftMailer Engine
  • E-Mail Submission Limits
  • Multi-User System
  • Multi Language
  • Responsive
  • Mobile Performance Feature
  • Twitter Bootstrap Support
  • Workbench Theme Selection
  • AJAX / JSON Controls
  • E-Mail Verification
  • Bounce Mail Handler
  • User Daily Sending Limit
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • reCAPTCHA and Unique Form Keys
  • API Support
  • Static / Dynamic Short Codes
  • Advanced Graphical Statistics
  • LeUpload File Manager
  • RSS Feed & Web View Options
  • Single / Double Opt-in


  • Single E-Mail Sender
  • Manually Verification E-Mail Sender
  • Subscriber Specific Statistics
  • Bulk Subscriber Actions (Delete, Move, Verification)
  • Advanced Subscriber Search
  • Single and Double Verification
  • Custom Subscription Forms (Unlimited Fields)
  • Subscriber JSON Data
  • System Groups (Ungroup, Unsubscribe)
  • Group Merging
  • Admin-side Subscriber Adder (by Created Forms)
  • Form Specific Error / Success Messages
  • JQuery / JQueryUI Includer
  • Selectable Save Areas For Form Fields (Table Fields)
  • Improved Export / Import System (Progress Bar, partitation operations)
  • Advanced CSV Import / CSV Analyser
  • Third Party Importing Features
  • API Link Generator (Add, Remove, Move, Check, Blacklist)


  • Customizable System Templates
    • Already Verified Template
    • Error Occurred Template
    • No Record Found Template
    • Subscription Thank Template
    • Unsubscribe Page Template
    • Verification Mail Template
  • Free and Premium Template Feed

Organizations (New)

  • Organizations For Multi-user Systems
  • Resource Usage Limits
  • Improved Submission Account Settings For Each Organization
  • Organization Users
  • New User Permission System

Submission Accounts

  • E-Mail Engines (phpMailer, SwiftMailer)
  • Sending Methods (SMTP, phpMail, AmazonSES, MandrillApp, SendGrid)
  • DKIM Selector

General Settings

  • Debug Mode (On/Off)
  • System Notices (On/Off)
  • Workbench Themes (16 Theme included)
  • Google reCaptcha (API v1 & v2)
  • Save Tree Signature (On/Off)


  • Subscriber Group Selection
  • Launch Date
  • Easy Template Selection
  • Short Codes
  • HTML and Alternative Mail Body
  • Attachments
  • Web View Option
  • Run / Stop Campaigns
  • Reset Campaign
  • Advanced Reports
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Preview
  • Test Campaign Sendings


  • Subscriber Group Selection
  • Launch Date
  • Easy Template Selection
  • Short Codes
  • HTML and Alternative Mail Body
  • Attachments
  • Web View Option
  • Run / Stop Campaigns
  • Reset Campaign
  • Advanced Reports
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Preview
  • Test Campaign Sendings
  • Autoresponder Actions
    • Action 1: After Subscription
    • Action 2: After Unsubscription
    • Action 3: Specific Date
    • Action 4: Special Date
  • Weekday Selection
  • Campaign Finisher
  • Sending Cycle Management


  • Linux based server
  • PHP 5.4+, MySQL 5.x
  • MySQLi Extension
  • Cron Job (shell crontab, not panel cron)
  • set_time_limit, cURL, fopen, imap_open, fgetcsv
  • Your hosting service provider must be allow to use foreign SMTP connections, if you want to use different submission accounts with SMTP method like GMail etc..


If you have trouble with Lethe, please use contact form in my profile. Don’t share your Lethe URL on comment area. Also if you sent directly mail about support request, please attach your purchase code in your message.


Before Purchase: Lethe is not a plugin or blog. Demo front-end page just demo about Subscribe Forms and integration views (flash, custom forms etc). Do not expect full blog or website.

Please try to contact me before negative votes if you have trouble with Lethe. Lethe already passed beta-tests, but there too many servers available and server differences, hosting settings / permissions is not mean script faulty. Please contact me if you have trouble about usage I can optimize of your Lethe with your hosting settings if its possible.

Extra Tools

Templates & Translation

You can download templates in your Template Loader section. We will update our template database periodically. Premium download system is not ready right now, PSD and HTML files will be downloaded when premium system activated.

We have use Google translation for multi-language system. Sorry for wrong translation but its would be great to edit your language files. Also thank you for sending us the language files you are editing.



Change Logs


  • Send Now Feature Added
  • Single Cron Task File Added
  • Database Controller Class Has Been Changed
  • Newsletter and Autoresponder List and Stat Calculation System Has Been Changed
  • Organization Setting Section Merged With General Settings
  • Database Table Creation System Changed to Import SQL file method
  • Installation File Has Been Changed, Requirement List / Controllers Modified
  • New Language Keys Added
  • Autoresponder After Subscription Action Modified
  • Chrome Date Input Field Issue Fixed
  • shell_exec and crontab Command Editor Added
  • Subscribing Form Section and Embed Code Generator Changed
  • Group Choicer Field Added on Subscribing Forms
  • Same E-Mails Can Be Added on Different Groups
  • Amazon SES System Has Been Changed, Region Choicer / Port Available Now
  • New Bounce Rules Added
  • Bounce Controller Enable / Disable Option Added
  • Verification Mails Added on API Subscription
  • Auto Track Link Controller Added
  • Remote Update System Added (Requires License Code for Downloads)
  • Jquery Countdown system changed. Older version was used browser time.
  • Manual submission account resetter option added.
  • Subscriber Tags Added (for Mr, Mrs, Sir, Madam)
  • CSV Analyser Subscriber Tag, Country, Country Code, City, Region, Region Code Options Added
  • Subscriber Tag (Name Prefix) Field Added on Subscribing Forms
  • Subscriber Tag (Name Prefix) Short Code Added


  • Stable Version

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