Laravel User Manager is a web based user manager application, which can be used to manage users of for any application. Its like a framework which can be used to designed any kind of application. It is a light weight application which is focused to maintain the records with ease.

Very Important

Before downloading this script, please check for all the prerequisites necessary to run this script.
Download the check file here, extract it in the folder you want to install the script and run that file. If you receive ‘OK’ message then you can go for purchase this script.


  • Login & Register
  • Custom Sign-up Field
  • Last Login Time & Activity Timesheet
  • Session timeout configuration
  • Social Login (Facebook,twitter,github & google)
  • Account Activation & Customizable email template
  • Resend Activation Mail
  • Forgot Password & Customizable email template
  • Customizable Welcome Email
  • Multilingual with built in translate module
  • Powerful customization
  • Unlimited Roles & Permissions
  • Unlimited Email & SMS Templates
  • Mandrill, mailgun, sendmail mail driver integration
  • Twilio SMS integration
  • Default TextAvatar & Profile Picture Upload
  • To do List
  • Default Pages (T & C, Homepage)
  • Unlimited Pages

Why this application?

  • Laravel 5.1
  • Bootstrap 3.3.5
  • JQuery 1.11
  • Fully Object Oriented
  • 1 click installation

Unlimited Roles & Customized Permission

Login Details

To login as Admin:

Username: admin
Password: 123456

To login as User:

Username: user
Password: 123456

Version History

Version 1.1 : Released on 17th Dec

Code Optimization
Bug Fixed: Last login Time
New Feature: Add New Email & SMS Template
New Feature: More customization option in Login & Registration

Version 1.0 : Initial Release on 25th Nov 2015

Initial Release

Before purchasing the application please make sure that your server meets the minimum requirement. Click here to proceed to check for Server Requirement.

If you are purchasing regular license, then please note that you will be able to install the application only at one location at a time. If you want to move it to any other location, you can release license from existing location and then install it on any other location. For details visit License Usage Terms.

This product is not supported.

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