A script that encrypt your html files so people cannot copy your work by viewing the source ! The idea of this script is to encrypt your html file and adding readable credit message in it. It supports multiple file and sub-folder encryption.


  1. Put your html files into the encrypt folder.
  2. Choose to encrypt current html file or duplicate a new file to encrypt.
  3. Type in your message (such as credit) which will be readable in your encrypted html source code. (optional)
  4. Encrypt!

HTML encrypt Demo

HTML encrypt Features include:

  • Encrypt html file
  • Support recursive file encryption
  • Customize readable message in your encrypted source code
  • Encrypt current html file or copy a new file to encrypt
  • And much more!

Please note that there is no perfect way to hide your html from user, and the best way to protect them is to put everything on server-side script(php,asp..etc.)

The purpose of this script is to protect ones work from less skilled user to steal their source code, and encrypt everything in 1 click (And we don’t aim to improve SEO ) . I know that there are many free solutions that do the encryption, but most of them require you to paste your html to their site and encrypt for you. Imagine if you have 20-30 files.

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