CMS Pro is the most intuitive CMS (Content Management System) that a web agency can implement for their customers. It’s perfect for small business websites and is really easy to use and to implement.
The value of CMS Pro! is in its intuitiveness. With CMS Pro!, content management becomes as easy as desktop publishing .

The real value to the customer does not come from hundreds of features that they can’t or won’t ever use. Real value comes from making it really simple to use some great power features that get the job done.

That’s exactly what CMS Pro delivers. CMS Pro allows small business owners manage their entire site, or change their web site design in seconds.
Some of the features include:

  • Responsive Layout
  • Modular design – Creating a plugin(widget) takes only few clicks
  • Dynamic layout – Easy drag and drop of plugins(widgets) for each individual page
  • Unique page layout – Each page can have up to 4 module positions top/bottom/left/right
  • Dynamic menu creation – add as many menu items as you like, unlimited menu levels, easy drag.
  • Multiple posts per page – you can add multiple posts per page.
  • Dedicated contact and home page.
  • 10 professional plugins included jQuery slider, Elastis Slider, News Slider, Event Manager, jQuery Tabs, Poll, Vertical Menu, Recent Twitts, Rss Feeds and AdBlocks
  • Built in gallery module
  • Built in commenting system
  • Powerful file manager
  • Database backup/restore
  • SEO Optimized
  • Membership management
  • Membership subscription
  • PayPal, Payfast, Skrill, Stripe and offline payments integrated
  • User permissions
  • Built in Installation wizard
  • and many more…
Please note that some features are disabled in demo mode!
Admin area
Username: admin
Password: admin

Premium Modules:

Update 18. Feb. 2015. (v4.10)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Public user profile page
  • Customizable slugs for pages and modules
  • New theme (wojotheme)
  • Dedicated sub header images for pages
  • New top/bottom layout configurations
  • All known bug fixes

Update 28. October. 2014. (v4.06)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Ability to sort gallery images
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • PayFast payment gateway
  • Updated font awesome to v4.2.0

Update 21. July. 2014. (v4.05)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New F.A.Q. Module
  • Online users plugin
  • Additional editor (TinyMCE Editor)
  • All known bug fixes.

Update 27. May. 2014. (v4.00)

Version 4.0 is a complete rewrite of existing CMS pro. This is not just an upgrade,but a brand new version, with tons of new features:
  • New url rewriting (now using directory structure)
  • Removed post section, (no need to create posts anymore)
  • Unified user dashboard with premium modules integration
  • New template engine, with css compression
  • New Admin panel (fully responsive)
  • New unified admin dashboard(premium module stats included)
  • New WYSIWYG editor, fully html5 complaint
  • New and improved sliders, gallery, events and plugins
  • New video slider
  • New content slider
  • New language file format (xml)
  • Edit language files from admin panel
  • Create newsletter templates
  • Add menu captions
  • Font Awesome icons for menus
  • Add page captions (tagline)
  • Dedicated login, register, search and sitemap pages, with the same
  • functionality as the rest of the pages.
  • Many more…

Update 02. Jan. 2014. (v3.80)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Assign plugins to content.
    – Now you can assign plugins anywhere within post content
  • Assign theme to individual pages
    -Now you can assign different theme to eachpage.
  • Fix – Google maps permission
  • Performance – Database optimization
  • Performance – Code clean up

Update 21. Jun. 2013. (v3.65)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New theme included.
  • New file manager with multiple uploads support.
  • New google maps plugin (cloneable)
  • Custom fields for registration and user profile
  • Custom background image for pages
  • Adjustable plugin layout spaces
  • Assignable user access to non-system plugins
  • New twitter Api
  • DB manual optimization under System menu
  • Enable/Disable breadcrumbs from configuration menu
  • Fix ? jQuery slider external url
  • Fix ? User access for plugins and modules
  • Fix ? Backup manager
  • Performance ? Database optimization
  • Performance ? Code clean up

Update 22. Apr. 2013. (v3.61)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Added support for new PayPal api.
  • Fixed Adblock module.
  • Fixed File manager (creating directories)

Update 17. Mar. 2013. (v3.60)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • You can now assign premium modules to home page.
    This feature gives you an option to have articles/ shop/forum/events or portfolio on home page.
  • WYSIWYG Editor has been replaced with more advanced fully html5 complaint editor.
    You can now search and insert youtube videos, html5 video from local files, new image and font css3 effects etc….
  • System Information menu.
    New menu in admin are has been added to provide useful information regarding your CMS pro, server and php.
  • Theme backgrounds
    Ability to assign background css properties from admin configuration for themes such as (image, color, position etc…)
  • MySql driver has been replaced with MySqli, for better performance and future compatibility.
  • New plugin added. Elastic slider.

Fix 22. Jan. 2013.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Fixed latest bugs in responsive version of CMS pro m2 v3.50

Update 13. Jan. 2013. (v.3.50)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • CMS pro! is now CMS pro m2
  • Fully responsive front end, including all premium/modules/plugins
  • 3 New responsive themes included (metro theme has multiple color variations)
  • Fully html5 compliant
  • Easily insert tabs/accordions and carousels using shortcodes
    – List of all available short codes can be found under More Pages->Features menu
  • Gallery module now supports multiple file uploads
  • Added EU cookie Law script
  • Support for RTL languages
  • New module/ plugin “AdBlock”added
    – Create unlimited ad blocks and place them just like any plugin. Image banners and adSense supported
  • Admin panel have been redesigned

Update 2. Dec. 2012. (v.3.20)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Added admin maintenance mode
    – Delete Inactive, pending and banned users
  • Added sitemap maker
    – Create xml format site map (includes premium modules sitemap)
  • Dedicated sitemap page
    – New sitemap page for better SEO

Update 18. Oct. 2012. (v.3.10) – fix

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Twitter plugin updated to work with new api
    Just replace script.js in /plugins/twitts/

Update 21. Sep. 2012. (v.3.10)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Added Facebook Connect
  • Two new templates.
  • Fixed Pirobox link from WYSIWYG editor
  • Few bug fixes and code optimization

Update 05. Jul. 2012. (v.3.06)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Added two new plugins
    – Paypal Donations
    —Allows you to set up simple paypal donations with built in Target counter
    – Upcoming event countdown
    —Allows you to display digital counter based on chosen event End Date
    Both plugins demo page
  • Fixed pages not being published.
  • Fixed gateway images not displayed.
  • Few bug fixes and code optimization

Update 08. Jun. 2012. (v.3.05)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Event Manager support custom color bullets for each event
    – Now it’s easier to distinguish between recurring and single occurring events
  • Admins are not able to change level status any more, only Super-admins are allowed
  • Few bug fixes and code optimization

Update 25. Apr. 2012. (v.3.02)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Added offline payment method
  • Added recurring events to Event Manager Module

Fix 24. Jan. 2012.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Fixed Content slider, video and smooth slider(delete option)
  • Fixed calendar plugin missing days

Unofficial Update 07. Jan. 2012.

Added new section Custom Mods. See here for more details: Custom Addons

Update 02. Jan. 2012. (v.3.0)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Added full page search, that includes search for all premium modules(if installed)
  • Dates are now displayed in your own language.
  • Admin menus will not be available if user does not have valid permission to it.
  • Menus have option of assigning custom icons
  • Ability to insert custom javascript code in posts/plugins
  • Added full page Event Calendar Premium module
  • Ability to choose first day of the Week
  • New 404 page, which displays search and menus, instead of generic message
  • Added Free Premium plugin Content Slider
  • Added Free Premium plugin Youtube Slider
  • Added Free Premium plugin Slideout Slider

Update 22. Oct. 2011. (v.2.7)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Premium Modules now have their own menus.
    —Multiple page premium modules such as article manager, portfolio and digishop are assignable directly from menus page. There is no need to create dedicated page and post
    —Single page modules such as Gallery, Visual forms and comments need to be assigned form page add/edit mode, and still require dedicated page/post
  • Dedicated template for each plugin.
    —Each plugin can have its own theme, based on default theme.
  • Dedicated theme for each premium module.
    —Each module can have its own dedicated theme
  • Switching between servers
    —There is no need to edit urls/paths when transferring database from local to remote server
  • User access permission now supports Premium modules/plugins
  • Premium Modules have their own layout options assignable from layout page

Fix 10. Oct. 2011. (v.2.5)

Prior to this fix follow install instructions.
Update 2.5 has fix included.
  • Fixed missing captcha image on registration page
  • Fixed incorrect labels when adding paypal button from within editor
  • Fixed adding new plugin
  • Fixed Poll plugin when working in multilingual mode
  • Added additional security check when uploading avatars from front end
  • Added Log Filterning and searching by date
  • Added compatiblitily fix for DigiShop premium module
New premium module: DigiShop
See demo:

Update 24. Sep. 2011. (v.2.5)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Module section it’s now split into two different sections.
    – Modules – You can publish modules from page add/edit menu
    – Plugins – You can publish plugins from layout menu
  • New: User page
    – Added option to support user avatars
  • New: Configuration page
    – Added option to show countdown when site in maintenance mode
  • New: jQuery Slider
    – You can now upload images in add/edit mode. No need to delete image first
  • New: New captcha code implementation
  • New: Added phone number to contact form
  • New: Three new templates included
  • Fixed:
    – Event Calendar
    – Paypal ipn
    – Newsletter
    – Gallery
    – Latest twitts – works now with IE8/IE9
  • New: Preminum Module Portfolio
  • New: Preminum Module Visual Forms

Fix 07. SEP. 2011.

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Fixed missing images when uploading logo
  • Fixed slider upload

Update 06. Aug. 2011. (v.2.10)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • This updtae will fix all the multilingual issues

Fix 31. Jul. 2011. (v.2.08)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Version check
    – Now you’ll see notification in admin area when new version is available
  • Fix: Wrong url in ajax search
  • Fix: Wrong url in editor link select
  • Fix: When renaming page title, now updates menu and layout skugs
  • Fix: Paypal wrong sandbox url
  • Fix: Front end membership displaying inactive memberships
  • Fix: Front end membership error when no memberships are available
  • Fix: New language installer

Update 08. Jul. 2011. (v.2.08)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Better Seo Urls
    – Now your urls will be
  • Fix: Assigning layout to home page
  • Fix: Gallery title when switching a language
  • Fix: Filemanager would create double image thumbnails
  • Fix: Maintenance mode for admins only

Update 27. Jun. 2011. (v.2.05)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Admin Permissions
    – You can now assign what parts of CMS pro! Each administrator will have access to. You can completely block/allow access to every part in admin area
  • New: Private Membership Type
    – Special membership types that are not available to front end users.
  • New: Admin Theme
    – New face lift for admin area.
  • New: Added Turkish Language
  • Fix: Missing global.js
    —Replace /assets/global.js
  • Fix: Empty Logs
    —Replace /admin/logs.php

Fix 14. Jun. 2011. (v.2.0)

Prior to fix follow upgrade instructions.

Update 07. Jun. 2011. (v.2.0)

This is a major upgrade, that adds lot’s of new features
Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Fully Multilingual
  • User Management
  • Membership Management
    – Paid/Trial/Free membership.
    – PayPal/Moneybookers gateways.
    – Subscriptions/Single purchase.
  • New WYSIWYG Editor (InnovaStudio)
  • Newsletter Manager
    – Send mass or single emails to all your users
  • Email templates
    – Edit directly from admin area all user email templates
  • Transaction Manager
    – View/Export all your transaction records
  • Plus many more. See what’s new, for a full list of new features

Update 26. Apr. 2011. (v.1.55)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Admin area
    – Adding Gallery images without use of flash.
    – Added option to assign large image width/height.
  • New: Rss Parser Module
    – Ability to show/hide date.
    – Ability to show/hide summary.
    – Ability to choose date format.
    – Ability to limit number of feeds.
    – Compatible with Rss 1.0 2.0 and Atom.

Fix 15. Apr. 2011. (v.1.53)

Prior to fix follow install instructions.

Update 08. Mar. 2011. (v.1.53)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Admin area
    – Menu now fully supports ajax.
    – Filemanager now fully supports ajax.
    – Viewing stats for each day.
  • Fix: Comments Module
    – Deleted comments are now removed.

Patch 01. Mar. 2011. (v.1.50)

If you already upgraded to v1.50 follow patch instructions.
  • Fix: Admin area
    – Saving Posts.
    – Saving Module Info.
  • Fix: Gallery
    – Added missing database column to support drag and drop
  • Fix: Page Copy
    – Added missing translation
  • Fix: Module Jtabs
    – Fixed ability to delete tabs
  • Fix: Module Poll
    – Fixed ability to reorder poll questions
  • Fix: WYSIWYG
    – While uploading files the file manager would hang on some systems

Update 23. Feb. 2011. (v.1.50)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Admin area
    – Admin area has been completely redone, in order to support full ajax features such as saving, modifying and performing other tasks.
  • Updated: WYSIWYG Editor
    – Replaced old with new faster filemanager
    – Editor new skin to match admin area
    – Added option to assign prettyPhoto from link menu in advanced tab (Relationship page to target (rel).
  • New: Page Copy Feature
    – Ability to make page copies, including posts and layouts for faster productivity
  • Updated: Gallery
    – Added option to sort images using Drag and Drop
    – Added option to re size images to exact width/height
  • New: Configuration
    – Added option to include Google Analytic
    – Added option to set number of items displayed for pagination
    – Added option to set default time zone
  • New: Theme
    – Added new theme

Update 31. Jan. 2011. (v.1.20)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Commenting System
    – Fully featured commenting system, that could be enabled on each page.
    – Using Gravatar Services
    – Auto/Manual approval
    – Blacklisted words
    – Email Notifications for admin
    – Powered by jQuery
    – See it in action under About Us Menu
  • Added: Custom Slug
    – Ability to enter custom page titles
  • Fix: Jquery Slider
    – Will now work in IE7

Update 13. Jan. 2011

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • Update: Poll Module
    – Ability to sort poll questions
  • Fix: jTabs Module
    – Deleting tabs it’s now possible

Update 3. Jan. 2011

  • Fix: Missing rss.php file now available
    – Place rss.php in root directory
  • Fix: Uploading gallery images up to 2500×2000px
    – Replace /admin/assets/imgUpload.swf
  • Fix: PHP Warning: images():
    – Replace /getimage.php

Update 30. Dec. 2010. (v.1.1.7)

Prior to update follow install instructions.
  • New: Event Manager Module
    – Easily create your company events and display them in calendar mode
  • New: Vertical Menu Module
    – Now you have an option to include vertical menu within your pages
  • New: Ajax search
    – Ability to search post titles and post body
  • New: PayPal Buy Now! button
    – You can insert Buy Now button from WYSIWYG , for selling single items
  • New: rss.php. Now you can display latest feeds for your content.
  • Enjoy the latest update of CMS pro! and to all Happy New Year.

Update 25. Dec. 2010.

Prior to update follow module install instructions.
  • Update: jQuery Slider
    – Ability to assign different image transitions (fold, fade, sliceDown, sliceUp, random)
    – Ability to set transition speed, transition time, show navigation bullets/arrows
    – Ability to show/hide image captions
  • New: jQuery Tabs Module
    – Easy dynamic tabs creation
    – Add any type of content to each tab

Update 17. Dec. 2010. (v.1.1.5)

Prior to update follow upgrade instructions.
  • 1. New: Fully featured Gallery (replacing the old one)
    – Ability to add Captions to images
    – Ability to add Description to image
    – Watermark Feature
    – Each gallery can have different thumbnail/popup image size
    – Each gallery is stored in dedicated folder (automatic creation)
    – Assignable number of images per row
  • 2. You can now easily translate the cms by editing one file language.php
  • 3. New: contact email template.
    – You can now edit contact email template in /mailer/contact.tpl.php
  • 4. Update: Ability to delete logo from Admin/Configuration
    – If no logo exists, company name will be used instead
  • 5. Few cosmetics changes
  • 6. Optimization (up to 5% faster)

Update 02. Dec. 2010.

Prior to update follow module and filemanager install instructions.
  • New: Ajax Poll Module
  • New: File Manager

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