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Clientele is a secure client portal for your business.

Each client is given their own account that provides a Dashboard for them to monitor project status, upload/download documents and files related to their projects, and communicate with you.

Clientele makes it easier to take a phased approach to projects by organizing documents by customizable project phases.

Advanced Client Portal – Similar product, More features

Demo: Demo
Admin Login: admin/admin
Client Login: client/client

Clientele Features

  • Client Dashboard with quick access to everything related to their project
  • Admin only area to manage client and project details
  • Secure document management (Clients can’t see or access documents not associated with their account).
  • Sophisticated authentication (login) system that prevents session hijacking, rainbow tables etc.
  • Create multiple admins on the back end
  • Option to enable client side uploads
  • Email notifications for project related updates

Security Details

Login and Authentication

  • Authentication system prevents brute force attacks by using dynamic salts, with the option of also using a file system salt.
  • One way password hash uses SHA1, which is significantly stronger than MD5
  • Session hijacking prevented with session management at the db level, which verifies against user agent.
  • Sessions expire after 30 mins of inactivity, forcing the user to login again. This is also managed in the db rather than relying on cookies.

Document Security

  • The upload folder is not directly accessible via the web, preventing unauthorized access to documents
  • Document download requests are handled by the application, which first verifies that a user is authorized to download the document they are requesting.

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