If you want to manage or broadcast your (surveillance) cameras in only one simple and easy way, you got it! camAnywhere has been developped as a easy-to-setup responsive web console in which you can add and display your camera streams within 5 minutes. But you can do way more than that, read below…

General features

With camAnywhere Php / jQuery script you can easily :
- access and display all your camera streams on one screen
- edit your settings with built-in console
- take snapshot of your streams, email & review them
- 2 access modes : local (ip) & distant (dyndns)
- 3 view modes : pop-up, grid, external
- 3 default grid sizes
- edit your camera names, status, settings
- password protect with .htaccess pwd
- bootstrap built & responsive mode ready


Saving & Snapshot functions have been disabled in the demo preview, some video streams can also be unavailable due to technical or dns refresh. Use the “Distant” mode.

Change log

New for v.1.2 :
- Take snapshot of your stream, get email notification with link.
- Review (and delete) your snapshots in a specific sorted gallery
- Faster loading with new ajax functions

New for v.1.1 :
- 2 new default options for GridMode & PopUpMode
- Support of browsers not handling MJPEG (like IE or mobile phone browsers)
- Responsive mode styles updated

An easy-to-follow user documentation is also provided.

Your feedbacks and improvements requests are welcome, want something new in a future release, contact me!


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