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AXE online xml editor UPDATE 4

AXE online xml editor UPDATE 4

AXE online xml editor UPDATE 3

AXE xml editor UPDATE 9-July-2012: Now you can ADD and DELETE nodes. Each new node can be positioned before or after one of the previous.

AXE xml editor UPDATE 2-July-2012: Now you can load images & docs. Each node can be associated with image manager and used as an uploader!Auto-dedicated upload folder for each xml file. Each .xml file has a dedicated (and autogenerated) upload folder! Tinymce wysiwyg and imagemanager. Added TinyMCE as wysiwyg editor.


AXE is a very flexible online XML editor built in Php. The only server requirement to run is Php 5.2 or above and SimpleXml installed.

UUU : Unpack > Upload > Use

Perfect to be integrated into any existing project based on xml files

AXE is a very flexible php online XML editor.
It’s designed to allow anyone to manage complex data without SQL, in fact the .xml itself is a database.
The basic idea is to combine an xml parser and a cms, so you can manage a simple xml node content as if it were a wysiwyg editor, a file uploader, a select dropdown, a color picker, an iphone styled switch, even a content separator!

What you get is an xml fueled interface that allows to manage rich data without any need for sql.

In addition the system uses a classical xml viewer approach, with tabs representing the parent nodes so we can handle very complex nested data.
So take a look and invest 5 minutes to read the documentation, because this is a system that could really change the way you work.
Think of the possibilities: an xml online editor that works out of the box, ready in 2 minutes and is compatible with any standard xml file…

Main features of this xmleditor:

  • Built in double access level : admin (can edit config+xml files) and simple user (can edit xml files only)
  • Xml files secured from direct loading (with .htaccess)
  • Ajax Load and Save .xml data
  • Can edit any standard XML file (up to 3000 nodes) and 10 depth levels (expandable)
  • Can add nodes, each new node can be positioned before or after any existing node
  • Can delete nodes
  • Can edit multiple node attributes
  • Manage multiple nodes with same name (<item></item> <item></item> <item></item>)
  • No need of CDATA , content will be saved with entities
  • Customizing field option, any field can be represented as text input / select dropdown / onoff switch / wysiwyg area + image manager / uploader+ image manager / color picker / separator
  • Automatic best-input display, based on node content detection (for example a node containing #ffffff will be auto displayed as color-picker)
  • Can manage a tooltip message associated to each node (useful to build inline help interfaces)
  • Can manage node element width
  • Responsive, each element is percent width adaptive
  • Easy to use interface, with inline help system
  • Install in 10 seconds, basic version (without TinyMCE) is less than 170 kb, just upload and use it!


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