IMPORTANT NOTICE – Product is no longer supported

This produce has been superseded by our newest contact form product.
Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

Please note that you can still purchase this script if it fulfills your needs but we won’t be supporting or developing it any further.

v1.7 Released – November 10, 2012

This jQuery based AJAX Contact Form; Extended allows you to easily place a self-contained Contact Form on any HTML or PHP page of your existing website.

It uses just 1 file to Validate, Process and Send the completed contact form to your e-mail address and a Direct Message notification to your Twitter account, best of all, it does not reload the page to validate or send the form!

Live Demo

You can view a demo installation by following this live demo link

Features include:

  • 100% valid xHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • AJAX powered (no page reloads). Save your bandwidth!
  • Instantly notifies you via the Twitter Direct Message API as well as via E-Mail
  • Uses Javascript jQuery Slide for an amazing UI, Try the Demo!
  • Very easy to integrate into any existing HTML or PHP page on your website
  • The form style can be integrated into your existing website Stylesheet or you can use the Default Style
  • All fields have a validation script so you get the * required info you need
  • Improved Anti Spam ‘Captcha’, are you human? verification
  • Replace included verification images with your own in minutes!
  • Only 1 main option to configure (your email address) to make the script function
  • Integrated Animated Sliding Thank You / Success page
  • Integrated AJAX Javascript Sliding Error notification, if fields aren’t correct or incomplete
  • Uses standard PHP server features for a no-hassle installation (PHP Mail & Curl)
  • Customisable email message that you receive
  • Customisable email subject
  • Phone number input with digit validation
  • Don’t need Javascript? Don’t forget to check out our Simple PHP Contact Form

Server Requirements

Supports either PHP 4.x or PHP 5.x.

Can be tweaked/modified once purchased if you know the PHP language.
Does not require and CGI includes, everything functions within one PHP file, 1 Javascript File and 1 CSS Stylesheet.


Please contact us with any questions you may have via the contact form on our author profile page.

Free tutorial: Add or Remove Custom Fields


2012-09-12 - v1.7
 * Fix: Verification code incorrect message

2012/09/12 - v1.6
 * New: Added checkbox + radio sample
 * Tweak: Organize files into folders
 * Tweak: Update contact.php to be more clear to edit
 * Tweak: Serialize all form values via JS, don't have to define them each in JS anymore

13/11/2011 - 1.5    Now 100% xHTML W3C valid. Change spaces to tabs. Approve .me for email validation. Make image verification easier to read. Various other code cleaning.
31/10/2011 - 1.4.2    Fix "Array" as subject for lower IE versions.
05/05/2011 - 1.4.1    Fixed JS button disabled error.
11/04/2011 - 1.4    Cookie fallback for verification.
11/03/2011 - 1.3    Improvements to the image verification.
23/09/2010 - 1.2    OAuth added so twitter DM's work. Requires configuration.
31/08/2010 - 1.1    Added utf-8 support.
21/01/2010 - 1.0     Released.

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