What is Admin Architect?

Admin Architect is a administration framework for creating professional admin panels for laravel 5 within minutes. It turns any existing MySQL database into real Backend application and allows developers to implement beautiful and elegant admin panels interfaces with very little effort.

Admin Architect – the real framework environment to build admin panels for laravel, it has been inspired by ActiveAdmin – well known Ruby On Rails administration framework. So, we’re glad to introduce a powerful, professional automation tool, with an impressive set of very useful artisan commands, specially designed to build professional admin panels using laravel 5.

Tech specs

  • Support Laravel 5.3/5.4
  • AdminLTE
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Laravel Stapler
  • Laravel Breadcrumbs
  • PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, PHP 7
  • MySQL 5.x

Intelligent Scaffold & CRUD generators

In conjunction with high customizable Authorization module

Admin Architect - Listing Results

Admin Architect - Presenters

Unlimited filters.

text, dropdown, date, daterange & queryable filters

Admin Architect - Filters

Unlimited Scopes.

Eloquent based + Resource based scopes

Admin Architect - Scopes

Sortable collections

Admin Architect - Sortable

Exportable colections

Admin Architect - Exportable


Admin Architect - Pagination

Unlimited Single actions

Manage every single row in a different way, using different types of actions, to meet your requirements: callbacks, links

Admin Architect - Single actions

Unlimited Butch actions

Manage collections of items

Admin Architect - Batch actions

Relationship based & Custom View Widgets

View resource page allows you to understand the nature of object, relations and processes around every single piece of your business item.

Admin Architect - View widgets

Editable Resources

All of the known HTML input types, editable relationships, etc…

Admin Architect - Editable forms

Multilingual Support out of the box

Add as many languages as you want, translate your content easy.

Admin Architect - Multilingual support



Admin Architect - Sidebar navigation


Admin Architect - Tools navigation


Admin Architect - Navigation groups


Admin Architect - Breadcrumbs

Powerful relation management system

Unlimited dashboard panels

Dashboard probably is the most-visited by administrators page of every admin panel! And Admin Architect doesn’t want to be an exception.

Admin Architect - Dashboard

Files/Images management out of the box

Fluent Template system

Why Admin Architect?

Your code can change the world! Stop spending weeks for building backend interfaces.

No more monkey job!

Fell the power of Eloquent model!

Build admin panel at reactive speed!

Your imagination is the only limit!

For more info please checkout complete documentation


Just explore what kind of admin panels you are able to build using Admin Architect with minimal efort!

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