From Grammy-winning songwriter Gen Rubin comes Upbeat: uplifting pop rock stock music track with hand claps, whistles, guitar riffing and farfisa to lift you up out of your seat!

Instantly recognizable, yet a unique creation by StudioMonkey, Upbeat has all the signature sounds of a good time, ranging from a stereotypical California Beach party, to a corporate high flyer opener, or uplifting motivational video.

It has the sounds of summer, the ocean vibes of party-time, yet it’s also right at home for that uplifting corporate video project you have been trying to find the perfect backing track for. Now also available is a Xmas version for your holiday videos!

Upbeat is also the perfect soundtrack for that motivational video you are working on, the best backing track for the family video you are putting together in iMovie, or the supercharged buzz you need to accompany your YouTube sting.

Upbeat is all of this and more, undeniably upbeat by name and by nature – it’s not something you can sit still too.

Accompanied by all the character of an uplifting motivational vibe, Upbeat includes five highly tuned edits to help you select the exact backing you need:

1. Upbeat – 2:15 (Full edit)
2. Upbeat – 0:39 (40 second edit)
3. Upbeat – 2:15 (No whistles)
4. Upbeat – 0:53 (1 minute edit)
5. Upbeat – 2:15 (XMAS edit)

This best selling royalty free music track is ready for use in commercial use, can be instantly and easily applied to a TV sting, commercial, fitness promotion, corporate presentation or radio stab.

It features a classic intro that builds into a multitrack, beautifully layered bouncy modern track, with harmonizing guitars and an unforgettable little farfisa that will leave everybody humming along!

Did someone say earworm? Hullo, it’s Upbeat!

This selection is also available as a MUSIC KIT!

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