An audio ticking clock that ticks for every second and a bell to mark every 10th second. The track slowly builds to a crescendo at 1 minute. Around 40 seconds you hear clock chimes, similar to the chime you’d hear from Big Ben in London. At 60 seconds you hear cheers, applause and fireworks. You can use the track to build up to something special.

It works for countdowns for events, new year or other celebrations.

You’ll also get a 30 second and 10 second countdown.

Plus versions without the cheers, applause and fireworks FX.

Comes with both .wav and .mp3

Track 01 – 1 minute version (actual duration 1:09) – With FX at end
Track 02 – 1 minute version (actual duration 1:06) – No FX at end
Track 03 – 30 second version (actual duration 0:39) – With FX at end
Track 04 – 30 second version (actual duration 0:36) – No FX at end
Track 05 – 10 second version (actual duration 0:19) – With FX at end

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