Folk Happy, Optimistical Guitar Joy

it is a lot of optimism and pleasure in this melody, an excellent choice for corporation and commercial use on TV, radio, and for advertising. in this melody there are a lot of emotions, soul and good mood.

ZIP file includes:

    1 version of long 1,45 min and the version-2 of long 1,17 min (this version easier, in it there are no drums, a bass, violins, and the melody is added with easy the soloist whistle)
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    Green Morning - 1

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    Upbeat (5 version) ( Acoustic Guitar Corporate Energy Motivation Inspiring )

    Inspiring( Piano Motivation Inspiring )

    Inspired Life ( Guitar Piano Motivation Inspiring )

    The Corporation ( Piano Motivation Inspiring )

    Beautiful( Piano Motivation Inspiring )

    Fine Day( Cinematic,Romantic, Slow, Happy, Guitar, Whistle )

    Blue( El piano, Ambient Electronic, Chill Out, Tech, Abstract, )

    Bio Design( Cinema, Electronic, Future, Tech, Abstract, )

    Industrial( Cinema, Horror, Mechanical, Electronic, Future)

    Hard Urban( Cinematic, Dark, Abstract, Electronic)

    Natural( Ambient, Chill, Abstract, Electronic, Presentation)

    Tech( Electronic, Presentation)

    Corporate( Presentation, Electronic, Guitar, Piano)

    Italian Design( Tech, Presentation, electronic, corporate, texture).

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    The Path To Success( Motivation, Uplifting, inspiration, Acoustic Guitar, Clap).

    Dance Folk( Dance, Acoustic Guitar, Folk).

    Outer Space( Ambient, Abstract, Electronic, Space, Drums).

    The Best Morning( Dream, Motivation, AC Guitar, Pop, Dance , Piano).

    Fashion Punk( Disco, Funk, Happy, Pop, Disco-House , Guitar).

    Summer Fashion( Disco, Funk, Happy, Pop, Disco-House , Guitar).

    Computer Texture( Abstract, Tech, Background, Digital).

    Corporate Motivation( Corporate, Pop, Temp, Acoustic, Piano, Mute Guitar, Motivation, Melodic, String, Uplifting ).

    Take-Off of Motivation( Corporate, Acoustic, Piano, Mute Guitar, Motivation, Melodic, String, Uplifting ).

    Perfect Design( Tech, Soft, Motivation, Melodic, Guitar String ).

    The Best Moments in Life( Piano, Soft, Motivation, Melodic, Acoustic Guitar, Pop,).

    Moment Of Inspiration( Soft, Motivation, Melodic, Pop-Rock, Acoustic Guitar, Piano,).

    Fresh( Rock Folk, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Power)

    Lunch and Guitar ( POP, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Dream, Soft, Comfortable, Friendly, Banjo, Ukulele, Happy)

    This Amazing World ( POP, Trip-Hop, Happy, Electronic, Motivation, Dream, Rhythm Piano, Funk Guitar, Ethnic Vocal, SAX,)

    Minimal Design ( Abstract Tech Technology guitars, piano, )

    Renaissance Life( Motivation, Cinema, Orchestral Rock, Overcoming, Dreams, Dramatic Cinematic, Love, Tragedy )

    Sports Inspiration ( Olympic, Winning Dramatic Cinematic Action heroic )

    Digital Consciousness ( Technology , Hi-Tech,Ambient, Abstract, Piano, Dream, Tech, Fx sound, Corporate)

    Over the Ocean (Ambient, Abstract, Piano, Dream, Tech, Fx sound, Corporate)

    Mental Atmosphere (Ambient, Abstract, Piano, Dream, Tech, Fx sound, Corporate)

    Deep Sax (Ambient, Chill Out, Piano, Dream, Cinema, Sax)

    Sunny Day (Guitar, Motivation, Happy Day (Mute Harmonic), Dream, Holidays, Spring)

    Time of New Ideas ( Piano, Motivation, (Mute Harmonic) Guitar, Tech, Electronic, Corporate Design Sound)

    Bright Life ( Motivation, Guitar, Lite Rock, Folk ,Electronic)

    Happy Family Day (whistling, Happy, Corporate, Motivation, Guitar, Ukulele)

    Corporation of Good Deeds (Rhythmic, piano ,Happy, Corporate, Motivation, Guitar, Ukulele)

    Day of Big Ideas (Folk ,Acoustic, Guitar, Motivation)

    Happy Child (Folk ,Acoustic, Guitar, Childrent)

    Innovative Idea (Tech, Motivation)

    New Opportunity (Motivation)

    Holiday (Folk)

    Conceptual Model of the Future (Electronic , Ambient, Uplifting, Drama)

    World of Orange Corporations (Tech, Motivation)

    Time Slowed Down (Tech, Motivation, News, Presentation,)

    Ambient Tech Presentation (Tech, Motivation, Electronic, Trance, Presentation)

    Inspiration For The Mad Life (Corporate ,Lite Rock, Pop Rock, String, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Dream, Motivation, Drums )

    Gold Presentation (Tech, Motivation)

    Space Tech Innovation (Tech, Electronic, Motivation, Piano)

    Space Tech Evolution (Tech, Trance, Dream, Soft, Piano, Romantic, String)

    Corporate Dream Orchestra (Piano, Viola, String, Drums, Corporate, Cinematic)

    Electronic Tech Rock ( Electronic, Piano, Energy, AC.Guitar, El.Guitar, Bass, Trance)

    Categories and Topics

    Corporate Tech Minimalism, Innovation, Technology, Presentation, Corporate.

    Motivation Inspiration, Business, Energy, Corporate,.

    Folk Acoustic, instrumental, Guitar.

    Happy Ukulele, Guitar, Sunny, Whistling, Positive, Optimistic.

    Ambient,Abstract Textures, background, Electronic .

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    Romantic New Items.

    Cinema Drama, Comedy, Trailer, Culmination, Orchestra.

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    Happy Dream Motivation

    Happy Dream Motivation

    Happy Dream Motivation

    Happy Dream Motivation

    Happy Dream Motivation

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     techno trance house chill out

     techno trance house chill out

     techno trance house chill out

     techno trance house chill out

    techno trance house chill out

    Beautiful and melodious music, with positive and bright mood, For your motivation, For your success, For your emotions, For your video, For your slideshow, Corporate and Commercial presentations, and also for Successful accompanying of your business, Exclusive music for your creativity, and decoration of yours of actions.

    Melodious simple and smiling, animates and inspires you on new victories, on new movement, on new ideas, and only good acts… music which will give you a new view on world around….;-) good luck to you and yours to relatives!

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