The Realistic Adult Male Base Mesh is designed for high-resolution sculpting in a program such as Pixologic’s ZBrush or Autodesk Mudbox. It is made entirely from quads that are kept as close to square as possible. The proportions were meticulously measured to ensure a realistic starting point for your sculpts. Additionally, with its clean edge flow and simple layout, it is easy to modify the mesh to make any roughly humanoid character, even monsters and other fictional creatures.

This mesh also includes texture coordinates that make it easy to paint on your sculpt. The UV layout is simple and easy to understand, has no overlaps, and keeps abrupt changes in texel size to a minimum.

In addition to a control mesh that is ready to be subdivided in your sculpting program, this package also includes a smoothed version of the low poly mesh that is a great starting point for a game character or other real-time application.

1 unit = 1 cm Height: 183 cm (6’ 0”) ~7.5 heads tall

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