High Quality Stylized Tiger – FULLY RIGGED AND ANIMATED

Completely UVmapped and smoothable, made with Maya 2016. Please click here to see the preview.

Textures formats and resolution:

This model has been modeled carefully with a clean topology based on loops and quads. Teeth, gum, tongue are also included and the model is provided with 2K & 4K resolution (diffuse maps are .PSD with layers and .PNG).


Body, mouth, eyes are modeled separately. Suitable to drop into Unity or create animated video. Hand-painted detailed textures enough for close-up render. Obj sequence for each animations are also included and ready to import into Element 3D for rendering.

File formats:

Obj, obj Sequence, fbx, .ma & .mb files (Maya 2016)


  • Frame 001 – 033 Walk Cycle
  • Frame 035 – 052 Run Cycle
  • Frame 054 -144 Idle
  • Frame 145 – 216 Attack
  • Frame 217 – 330 Die
  • The Bind pose (T-pose) is at frame (0)
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